Marshmallows by Bella Rayl

It was a sticky, hot, summer afternoon, just a little after 4 PM. I just finished cleaning my room. If you had to know one thing about me, it would probably be that one of my favorite things to do besides shopping, is cleaning. I wake up early almost everyday before school and clean my room, the same room I cleaned the night before. Everything in my room has a specific spot and gets wiped down once, if not twice, a day. I promise I’m not crazy… 

Walking up the stairs from my basement bedroom, I enter the kitchen. I love my room in the basement because no matter how hot it is outside, my room is always cool. My brother in law Jesse Taylor was Getting a drink from the fridge. Instinctively I say “EWWWW it’s Jesse!” 

“Hey! How’s it going, Bellie,” He said with a chuckle. 

“It’s going, I guess.” I smile and follow him out to the garage; the local hangout for my family. As we were walking, my 50 LB German Shepard lab mixed, Layla, ran between us, almost making me fall. Entering the garage, I see my dad on his phone trying to figure out how to make the Wifi work in the garage so he can play his music. While my dad’s girlfriend made herself a refreshing summer drink.

 Seeing the one person I was going to the garage for I walked over to my sister Jordan holding my nephew, James.  “HEY BABY JAMES,” I say with excitement as I reach to grab him from my sister. I ask my sister, “what is everyone doing today?” 

“Nothing much. Just hanging out, letting the baby explore dad’s garage.” Looking at James “Are we getting into all of papa’s tools?”  she says in that voice every mom uses to talk to their babies. 

“Oh, well, that’s fun, Are we going to do a fire later, because if we are… you should let me and Jessie run to the store and get marshmallows for s’mores.” I wanted to drive her car, and I wanted Jessie to pay for the marshmallows. 

“Okay. Let me check with dad to make sure he doesn’t need anything.” he calls over “Hey, were sending Dumb and Dumber to the store to get marshemellowes do you need anything?”  

“No, I Don’t need anything.”  He says with a little confusion not exactly paying attention because the Wifi still wont connect to his phone. 

I ask Jordan where her keys are and tell Jessie we’re going on an adventure.  

As we get into the car, Jessie teases me about needing his seat belt because I’m a “bad” driver.  In my defense, I’m not a terrible driver, I’m just new to driving. I put on my seat belt, adjust my seat and mirrors, and slowly start backing up. 

“BAM,” Slamming on the breaks, I look at Jessie, “HAHAHAHA, I’m not even sorry but that was funny.” 

“Why would you do that?” I say in a really surprised voice. 

“I have to make sure you’re paying attention!” He said with a chuckle.

 “ I am paying attention! Smack the side of the car one more time and you will lose window Privileges!” I say with a small laugh. Proceeding to back up and turn around, we start heading down the driveway. Going down my driveway is a narrow bridge between two ponds.  I live in the middle of nowhere down a driveway off Winchester Grade road.

“What kind of music do you listen to?” Jessie asks as he’s trying to connect his bluetooth to the car. 

“Anything really. I’m not picky, but if you play Christmas music, we’re going to have to fight.” I inform him. 

“Now I may be crazy, Bellie, But Christmas music? That’s the line.” Jessie said with a laugh. 

“Put on something by the Back Eyed Peas, that’s my favorite band!” I tell him as I’m driving down Winchester Grade road.  

“Where DO you even get marshmallows?” Jessie asked.

“Were about to find out,” I tell him. We continue down the road, listening to music and talking about life. Jessie is my go to man when I’m having boy problems. Turning on my blinker, I take a right turn into Sheetz. I pull up next to the pump, and Jessie puts gas into the car. We then go inside. He orders something, and I go grab a Red Bull. I walked around the store a few times looking for marshmallows. I tell Jesse “ Soooo Sheetz has no marshmallows, so we’re going to Food Lion.” 

“OH God Bellie, Are you going to be able to drive through town?” Jesse teases me. 

“I’ve driven through town a few times and I think we’ll be ok.” I say with a smile.  Going back to the car Jesise pulls his food from the Sheets Bag. “Ew, What’s that awful smell?” I ask him. 

“That smell is the best thing you can get from Sheetz, Have you ever had a jalapeno popper?” He says taking one from the bag. 

“No, I havent really eaten anything from Sheetz?” I tell him. 

“What? Sheetz has some pretty good food. You have to try it.” 

“I’ll try one,” I put it in my mouth, and the sweet and juicy spices exploded in my mouth. Pretending not to like it that much I told him it was just okay and I’d better to keep him from thinking he had a good idea. Then we start our way to Food Lion. 

When we made our way to Food Lion, I parked a little crooked at first but fixed it. We get out and look around the store for marshmallows . Finding only mini marshmallows, I start to lose hope. 

“Okay, Are there any other stores around here?” Jesse asks. 

“We can go check Dollar General.” I tell him as we leave Food Lion. Getting back in the car for our final attempt to find marshmallows, we head to Dollar General. When we enter the store, the Gentleman at the register greets us. 

“Marshmallows, Marshmallows, Marshmallows Jesse chants as we walk towards the food section. “Uhhhhh, Bellie!” Jesse says as we walk towards the food. “We have a slight problem.” 

“If you tell me that there’s no marshmallows in this store…” I say without completing my sentence as I look at the section of marshmallows. “How can a store have mini marshmallows, marshmallow cream and chocolate covered marshmallows, but not freaking marshmallows you can roast over a fire!” I say losing all hope of s’mores. 

“I mean We can always ask if they have some in the back.” He suggested. 

“Okay, but you have to ask.” I say looking around for an employee. 

“ Oh My God, You’re just like your sister! What is it with you women not being able to talk to people.” Jesse jokes with me. 

“I can ask. I just don’t want to,” So be a good big brother and ask for me, You know for your favorite sister in law.” I say with a smile. We walked around the store looking for someone to ask, and finally we found the same gentlemen that greeted us at the door. 

“Excuse me kind sir, Would you please help us find roasting marshmallows. We have checked your shelves, and without luck, we have come to ask if you could look in the back of the store for marshmallows.”  Jessie says in his weird way of describing or talking to strangers.

The kind gentleman looked at Jesse, then me and he started with a chuckle then said “ I mean I can look but, we have been selling them like crazy all day. I’m pretty sure I sold the last bag as you were walking in. 

“You are the best man,” Jesse said with a big goofy smile. The employee walked to the back of the store while Jesse and I stood there and waited. 

“I have some good news and some bad news,” the employee said when he came back.  

“Oh god, hit us with the bad news first,” Jesse said. 

“Well, I looked in the back and found one single bag of marshmallows you could buy, but This is the only bag left, and we don’t get another shipment for Thirteen days.” The employee said with a smirk.

“Thank goodness you found that bag because you have no idea how much you saved my ears for this car ride home.” Jessie said looking at me. We bought the marshmallows and headed home. To end this story, I must tell you that after we got home I came to the realization that we did have marshmallows but forgot the next two important ingredients, Chocolate, and graham Crackers. 

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