Phoenix and The Eyes of Oldwin by Jordan Chinchello

“Begin typing here,” she read out loud as it echoed in the cold, dark, back room of her two story house. Phoenix tapped her glasses. A projection in front of her, that only she could see, quickly came up with a neon blue keyboard. She didn’t know what to type yet. She was lost. She knew that she would eventually come up with something to write. It was a story for her side-job. She sighed, tapped her glasses again and quietly said, “Turn off.” The projection quickly faded. She got up and opened the door, and the light suddenly shot in from the windows in the next room. She squinted her eyes, trying to make out where she needed to walk. She lived with her boyfriend, but he was always at work.He worked in a small city, but a busy one. He only came home when his job allowed, which was not very often. He worked at a huge company called The North. It was a business that sold PCs, computers, and electronics.

 She walked down the hallway and as soon as she got to the top of the stairs, a small projection came up on the top right of her glasses. It was a message. It said, “Hey babe, I’m coming home early. They decided to give me a few weeks off from work. I’ll be home very soon. I love you, bye.” She smiled and said “answer.” She waited for the keyboard to pop up and she clicked the voice button, 

“Okay babe. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll be here waiting for you. I love you too, Bye. Add heart and send.”

 A soft, realistic, female voice said “Sent,” it took a minute, but eventually the lady’s voice once again broke the dead silence of the house, “read.” 

A while later, she was doing dishes and cleaning up around the house. She wanted the house to be spotless.

 “Hey Brenda,” Phoenix said. 

Her glasses started glowing and the soft female voice spoke once again, “Yes? Is there something you need?” 

Phoenix asked, laughing as if she was talking to an actual person, “Do you think that after all this time, he will still run up to me and hug me like a child?”

 “Why of course,” Brenda said intelligently, “He has always been that way.” 

Phoenix smiled and went about her cleaning while talking to Brenda. The next thing she knows, she hears a knock on the door. She tenses us like a deer in headlights. She has been waiting for this day to come for so long. He hadn’t been home in months. 

She took a deep breath and collected herself. She went to the door, put her hand on the cold doorknob, and slowly turned it, as if afraid of what was on the other side. As soon as it cracked open, the door flew open and in just a few seconds, Phoenix was on the floor, with some heavy, talking, sack of potatoes, on top of her. 

“Babe!” the sack of potatoes giggled excitedly, “I missed you soooo much!” 

“Oh come on Kai! You do this every time,” Phoenix said half giggling half dying from the weight.

 He quickly got off of her and helped her up. 

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he said with genuine concern.

 “It’s okay Kai. You didn’t hurt me,” she smiled and tilted her head to the side, pieces of her long white hair falling into her face. He smiled, tilted his head to meet hers, and slowly moved the pieces of hair out of her face. 

“You’re even prettier than when I left,” he said softly.

 “Oh! Right!” she said to break the silence, “I got you something.” 

She handed him the huge, heavy, red and purple box, it also had a cute silver bow on top. He admired it as if it was a piece of stained glass. He took it from her hands, slowly ripped the box open, and admired the beautiful new….hilt? 

“Wait, babe?” he said confusingly. 

“Yes?” She said with a smirk.

“It’s just a hilt. Where’s the sword?” He tilted his head at her.

“Pick it up,” Phoenix said, still with that smirk.

He picked up the sword hilt, and it bursted into a beautiful purple flame. A dark, twilight purple flame. He looked at it, amazed. It was as beautiful and warm as a real flame, but when he went to touch it, his hand went right through, it didn’t hurt. 

“This is beautiful babe,” he said with a smile. 

“I have another surprise for you,” She said with a slight giggle.

“Brenda? Can you send Kai the plans?” Phoenix asked.

“Yes,” it took a minute, “Sent.” 

Kai looked at the top right of his vision. Kai didn’t have the fancy glasses like she did, but instead, contact lenses. 

“Little did you know, I’ve been working on saving money since you left. I think it’s finally time we go home,” She looked at him with a huge smile. 

Oldwin was the city where Phoenix and Kai were born and where the glasses and contacts that they wore were invented. They packed up that night and headed to the train station. When they got there, they showed their passports and got on the bullet train. It was cold, but they had prepared for that. They pulled out a soft, grey blanket. It was big enough to cover them both, but not big enough to touch the dirty floor. They reached Oldwin about an hour later. All the way across the world. As soon as they arrived, people started noticing who they were. They had to get out of there quickly. They quickly ran away through the crowd and hid behind a wall.

As soon as they thought they were safe, an interviewer popped out and quickly asked, “When are you guys coming out with the next version of “Oldwin’s Eyes?” The couple giggled and Phoenix said, “As soon as we can. We have been off doing research.” The couple started to walk away when a sleek, black and white car pulled up in front of them. They quickly got in and within minutes they were at “Headquarters”. The couple walked in and straight to the elevators. They reached the 20th floor, got out, and walked into their offices. 

They ended up being the creations of “Oldwin’s Eyes”, which was a type of glasses and contacts that could project anything as well as talk to you. When you first got a pair, you’d set them up, female or male voice, preferences and stuff like that. They had created them in their hometown and since then it had become a great city, full of people with those fancy, talking glasses. The city had started so small, like a medieval village, but after their invention went public, the city blossomed like a bush of roses. She finally figured out what to write her story about, “The Rise of Oldwin, The Great City”. What could the next version be? What could it do? Will the beautiful city of Oldwin ever find out? 

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