Family by Skye Riddell

I pushed open my bedroom door. I saw my soft blanket laying on my bed. It looked so comfortable so I threw my bookbag down beside my chair and jumped into the bed. The second that I closed my eyes my mom yelled my name from the kitchen. I forced the strength to get out of my bed and go down to the kitchen. As I went into the kitchen, my mom was putting dinner on the table. It looked amazing. I did what I normally do and got out the plates, forks, and knives. As I finished setting the table, my younger sister and brother came running in. We all sat down at the table and started to eat dinner. My little brother began to talk about his day and how he made a new friend at school. My little sister, seeming jealous, told us her day wasn’t good because she failed her math test. 

My mom, quick to comfort my little sister, told her that it was okay that she failed one test. She told her that the next test will make it up, then gave her a hug. My little sister wiped her eyes clean and finished her food. My mom looked at me so I could say how my day went. I knew if I told her I failed my math test that I would be grounded, I’m the oldest in the family, so I get treated differently than the other kids. I just said my day was good and that was it. My little sister and brother put their plates in the sink and went up to their rooms to play. I helped wash the dishes and started to go upstairs. I was going up the stairs when my mother yelled to remind me that I had to get up early to watch my siblings. As I was climbing into my bed I set my alarm clock for six. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

A screeching sound happened, and it woke me up. I checked the time. It was three in the morning. I jumped out of bed wondering what made this noise and went to turn my lights on. The lights in my room wouldn’t turn on, neither did the bathroom lights. I grabbed my phone and used the flashlight on it. I tried the hallway lights and they didn’t work either. None of the lights in the house worked. I went to my little sister’s room to check on her and she wasn’t in her bed. I ran to my brother’s room to check to see if she was in there with him. I opened the door, and they weren’t in there. I ran to my mother’s room to see if they were in there, and they weren’t, and neither was my mom. I ran down stairs, trying not to fall. I saw a note on the fridge that wa

You never cared about me, all you cared about was them. Now you can see what you missed out on. 

I lost my balance. I was in shock. Is this real?  Did someone take my family? I turned my phone on, looking for my mom’s number. I dialed it, and no one answered. I tried again and again, but no answer. I looked at the note again, and I saw there was more to it. 

Oh and don’t call anyone. I have my eye on you, so if I see you calling anyone, your family won’t be happy. 

I looked from window to window to see if I saw someone. I ran up the stairs to get my shoes on. After reading that note, I kept getting a feeling that every time I turned around a corner, someone was going to snatch me up. I went back down stairs, and I saw the door wide open. I  shut and lock the door. I ran back to the kitchen to grab a knife. When I turned around I saw a man standing outside the window. It looked like a shadow, but when I moved towards the window to get a better view the shadow started to move away. I took off to the door. I unlocked it and went towards the window where the shadow was. I got to the window and I saw a guy running, it was the shadow that was standing outside the window. He was running into the woods. I followed him yelling “where’s my family?”. 

 I couldn’t find the guy anywhere. It was just so dark out. I felt like I was running in circles. I couldn’t see anything, and I left my phone back at the house. I tripped when I was wondering and when I turned around to see what I tripped on, I saw a hand. I screamed louder than I have ever done before. I got up and started to run back to my house. I knew I couldn’t call the police or he would hurt me, but he was in the woods still, so he wouldn’t know. I got back into the house but the lights weren’t working still. I tried to find my phone in the dark, but it was harder than I thought. I was looking around the kitchen table for my phone and as soon as I picked it up it started to ring. It was from my mother. I answered it in a rush. I scream loudly saying hello mother, are you there? When the person on the other end of the phone started to talk I realized it wasn’t my mother. The person said I told you not to call anyone, I’ll give you another chance. Why don’t you come back into the woods and try to find your family? That’s all he said and then he hung up. 

I looked around to see if I could see him out the window again. I turned the flashlight back on and went over to get another knife because I dropped the other one when I tripped. I made sure I held it tight this time so I wouldn’’t drop it again if I trip. I ran back outside but this time I had my flashlight and the knife, so I was ready if I saw him again. I was in the woods for about an hour trying to find my family. I eventually see a black figure hiding behind a tree. I didn’t want that man to know I see him, so I tried my best not to look over his way. I got closer to the tree that the black figure was behind. As I turned around the tree I pushed the knife into the figure’s stomach. I yelled at him saying where’s my family, but when I looked down at the person’s face I saw my mother’s eyes. I was in disbelief, I just stabbed my mother in her stomach. I kept repeating to my mom that I was sorry, to stay with me. I grabbed my phone to call 911. The phone was ringing and when someone answered the phone I went to tell them what happened, but I felt a sharp pain in my throat. I couldn’t speak anymore and I started not to be able to breath. I fell on top of my mother bleeding out. I saw the guy pick up my phone and said “ I’m sorry my daughter accidentally called you, It won’t happen again.” 

I knew I recognized that voice before, but I haven’t heard it in a long time. The guy leaned down to my face and whispered, “Don’t worry daughter I have your siblings and I’ll take good care of them, I mean I am their father.” and he just walked away, letting me and his ex-wife bleed out. 

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