Local Man Believes He’s Cured COVID by Jaidallyn Andrews

Earlier this week, a well-known character in our town, Timothy Jones, made an appearance in the town park to announce that he believes he has found the cure to COVID-19. Many of the population made an appearance at the “event” wearing masks and provoking jokes about the man’s theory. Journalists, such as myself, also made an appearance to give everyone that missed it an opportunity to form their own opinion on the topic. 

Although Jones is well known for being one of the only homeless citizens in our town, he is very educated on the current pandemic and made many interesting points. Jones opened by sharing that his friend and former co-worker, David Rogers, tested positive for COVID-19 back in June of 2020. Once Jones received the news, he grew nervous and wanted to find a way to help. He obviously had very few resources and took full advantage of the local library in order to do research on the new virus. 

After several days of study and gathering materials, Jones came to Rogers and suggested one of many ideas he had generated in order to heal his friend. Rogers decided to try an herbal tea made by Jones that he was instructed to drink three times a day for two weeks. Doctors treating Rogers insisted that he not get his hopes up about this supposed “cure.” To their surprise, within the first three days, Rogers began to lose symptoms. At the end of the two weeks, he was back to normal and wished to return to work. The doctors treating Rogers were stunned and had never seen a patient of his age recover that quickly from COVID-19.

Jones is currently not releasing the ingredients of his herbal remedy because he intends to sell his product. Every doctor in the tristate area that I have discussed this treatment with, does not recommend. The CDC and World Health Organization are working around the clock to find a vaccine that is safe and will put our country at ease during this time of stress. Until then, Timothy Jones stands strong with his organic cure.

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