Microfiction by Hannah Shekey


I freeze as you softly kiss my neck, shivering silently in fear. Your breath burns my skin and your body suffocates mine. Explosions of heat speed through my veins. Your strong hands are lost in my curly hair. You smile as you whisper in my ear, “I loved you.” The words send floods of terror down my spine. I scream, stunned as you pull the bloodied knife from my body. “I will always love you.” I whisper as the coldness takes over me. You softly kiss my dying lips. My vision blurs as you silently slip away.


Shhh, I silently scream, as I watch the life drain out of him. “I love you too, but you can’t make me feel if you’re gone.” He lays there, peacefully sleeping like an angel. His warm breath begins to fade into light wisps. I wrap his hoodie around myself. I lay to sleep in his dying arms. Hopefully in the morning my feelings will be gone. I breathe easier as I dream of the horrible nights he lovingly held me. I slept with dread grabbing my heart. In fear of the mystery name on his phone.

The Shadow

The rushing sensation fills my body. I feel unstoppable as I down another glass. The fire burned in my throat and stomach. Friends encourage me to do things I would never do. I grab him by the hand and vigorously kiss his soft lips. I pull him close as I try to remember where I am. I see a shadow in the corner of my eye watching me. I forcefully push away. My vision starts to blur, as I see the shadow walking towards me. “Good morning.” He laughs as the world slowly fades away.

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