Microfiction by Emily Staebler

One Wrong Turn

One wrong turn was all it took to make someone lost on the backroads that were covered in snow. A black Ford Fiesta was trailing down a snowy back road. In the car was a young woman who was getting off a shift at the hospital. It was pitch black outside, nothing could be seen except the silhouettes of the tree. She wanted to take a faster way home before it blizzard again but she took a wrong turn leaving her in the middle of nowhere. She had no service and was tired. She decided to turn around and leave.


The flowers in the meadow were blowing in the wind. Some of them were being trampled by the couple that were running in them. They were having a lovely date where the man would propose and she would be shocked by the main thing was the flowers. The flowers that made the meadow such a wonderful place to propose at. There was a mixture of different types of flowers. There were small yellow flowers and some red roses. But no one ever thinks about the flowers. To humans, flowers are just there to look pretty, not to help the environment.


It was a cold fall day, it was the middle of October, and two men sat at a camper. They were camping for the weekend to get away from the family. It had been a hard week at work for the two gentlemen. They both had been fired from their jobs. They didn’t know what to do, nor did they have a plan. They haven’t even told their families. They didn’t want to. It was so depressing for them that they didn’t work hard enough to keep a job. They both just sat and slept in their chairs like gentlemen.

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