Microfiction by Jaidallyn Andrews

Mother of Seven

I rolled over in my bed to see two toddlers crammed in beside me. Drool dripped from their mouths as they snored. I got out of bed. The smoke alarm began to roar and two children chased after it screaming “We got it!” Unphased, I walked to the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee. I soon realized that the coffee pot was empty and the three teenagers sitting at my table had helped themselves to it. Soon enough, the toddlers started their daily routine of following at my heels. Raising seven children will never be easy. 

Gardens in Florence

Admiring the view of Florence from the Bardini garden comes easily to all that witness its beauty. In the spring, when all of the plants begin to thrive, I stroll beneath the hanging violet flowers that put my soul at ease. Watching the water flow from the many fountains in the Boboli gardens calms me most of all. Although I was never able to travel to these breathtaking sights in my lifetime, my ghost loves nothing more than to spend all of it’s time as a tourist here. 


As my grandmother drove me to the hospital, my eleven year old self was anxious. Who was I going to meet? Would she look like me?  We sat in the dark waiting room for what felt like hours until my father finally walked in and told us to follow him. We walked through a long hallway into a small hospital room. I immediately saw the most precious being laying in my mother’s arms. My sister was so small, and yet I loved her more than I knew was possible. And to think I didn’t want another sibling..

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