Microfiction by Jayden Rhodes

The Perfect Moment

The silence was immense all around, everything seemed to be standing still. As the sun rose you could feel its warmth like a gentle touch in a cold world. The birds began to sing their morning songs, showing their loved ones they have survived the night. The squirrels started to scurry up and down tree trunks and branches, then bury acorns they have found for the coming winter. Deer crunching leaves as they walk sniffing the ground for those same acorns as the squirrels. All of this while a person sat in a tree waiting for the perfect moment.

War Stories

Veterans have their stories, ranging from a world war two sailor to a neighbor who lost his friend to an I.E.D.. The sailor could have been a radio operator on an aircraft carrier, he could have been through several battles in the pacific. He could have told of the kamikaze pilots who were so close he could still remember their features. The neighbor who is secluded, who sometimes you can hear scream in the middle of the night. He could have been in Afghanistan driving in a convoy when his best friend’s vehicle was destroyed by an explosive.

Villain’s perspective of events

As she walked over to the window where I was hiding, a cat ran out in front of her and hissed. It’s convenient how that always happens. So she decided to relax and calm down by getting a warm shower, but when she flicks the light switch, it doesn’t turn on. Figuring that one of the breakers must have gone off, she decides to go into her dark basement to look at the breaker panel. That’s when she sees me and runs about twenty feet before falling. Women seem to have two left feet when I chase them.

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