Microfiction by Makayla Snow


I stared with wide eyes. She stared back at me with those big blue eyes. “How?” My voice came out weak. “You really thought you got away with it.” She laughed as she said that. I rubbed my eyes thinking this was just a dream. She laughed. Her blue eyes turned red. All of sudden, I couldn’t breathe. I grabbed my throat gasping for air, and looked up at her. No emotion. I started to cough up blood as I fell forward. She stood over me smiling. I looked over at her body and her face held that same smile.

It Isn’t Real

I closed my eyes tight and covered my head with my blanket. If I can’t see it, it can’t see me. I heard its footsteps as it got closer to my door. My door creaked open and I heard its deep chuckle. I started to cry and shake. It got closer and closer to my bed and I heard its breath as it stood over my bed, probably looking at me. “It’s not real. It’s not real.” I tried to repeat over and over again. The blanket was pulled back and saw nothing, but I could still hear its laugh.

Her Baby

I screamed as the doctors kept telling me to push. “Come on, push!” I pushed one final time and out she came. I felt so tired but I had to see my baby. I watched as the doctors took her away to clean her. One of the doctors put something in my IV that made me even tired. I looked over with half opened eyes and they gave my baby to another woman that I didn’t know. She smiled at my daughter. “She’s perfect. I’ll take her.” “No, give her to me.” It was too late. My baby was gone.

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