100 Pounds by Skye Riddell

Kelly just got off of her plane from the UK, and she was exhausted. Kelly had to come to the United States for her work, and she decided to make it a vacation. She went straight to her hotel. She was staying at and unpacked. It was getting late, and Kelly decided to just go to sleep. It was really early when Kelly got up, so she sat on the balcony and watched the sun rise. Kelly got breakfast and went to go explore the city of New York.  She saw so many different things in New York that she didn’t see in the UK. Kelly loved it. While Kelly was walking down the street, she saw a crazy guy running toward her. It wasn’t the first time she saw a person looking crazy, even though it was her first time in New York. Kelly just got out of her way to let the guy go past her, but instead the guy ran right up to her yelling “JUST TAKE THIS STUPID THING! IT’S RUINING MY LIFE.” He threw the ring at her and left. Kelly didn’t know what to think. She looked at the ring, and she saw writing on it. The writing said “place this ring on your finger and make a wish.” Kelly laughed it off and put the ring in her pocket. She didn’t think any of it. 

It started to rain, so Kelly went into the first store she saw. When she walked in, she saw all the walls were bright pink and had a huge cupcake sign. She realized the store was a cupcake shop, and she had to try some of the cupcakes. All of the cupcakes looked so delicious that she couldn’t decide what kind she wanted to try. She decided to try the red velvet cupcake with buttercream icing. She wanted to try all of them, but she didn’t have the money to try them all. Kelly had gone home that night and went to get into bed. While she was changing in her clothes the ring fell out of her pocket. She picked up the ring and thought that it’s just a joke. The ring won’t make a wish come true, so she put the ring on the nightstand and went to sleep. 

The next day, she went to her job, and throughout the day, she kept thinking about the cupcakes. As soon as she got off of work, she went straight to the cupcake store. She saw that the store was doing a challenge. The challenge was whoever bought a hundred cupcakes first won a vacation trip to Hawaii. Kelly added up all the prices and it came out to be around 100 pounds.That turns into 140 dollars. Kelly didn’t have that much to spend on just cupcakes. 

She was upset because she really wanted to go on that vacation to Hawaii. She went to her hotel and layed in bed for the rest of the night. Kelly woke up the next day, getting ready to go to her job, but when she went to get her phone off of the nightstand, she saw the ring. She knew the ring couldn’t grant wishes, but she had to try it out. She thought to herself what she would wish for. Something small, just in case the crazy guy on the street was correct. She thought nothing bad would happen if she wished for 100 pounds. Kelly felt like there was a chance of something going wrong if she wished for a vacation in Hawaii, so Kelly wished for 100 pounds and nothing happened. She felt dumb for thinking that it would work. She went on her day trying not to think about how she thought a stupid ring could grant wishes. 

Kelly got home late that night, and she just went straight to bed. She got up around 6:00am the next day and started to get ready for her day. Kelly tried getting her jeans on, but they weren’t fitting her, neither did her shirts. She went into the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror. Kelly screamed, she looked at her face and her stomach. She tried to look for a scale to see how much weight she gained. Kelly found a scale in the closet bathroom. She got on, and it said she gained 100 pounds. Kelly couldn’t think of a reason why she gained 100 pounds. Kelly called the hotel management and had them bring up clothes that would fit her. She went out to find new clothes to wear, but she only had enough money to buy two outfits. Kelly tried to think of what she did to gain 100 pounds. She got her phone out to call her mom back in the UK, and when she did, she realized the ring was still on her finger. Kelly laughed and thought “there’s no way the ring did this.” Kelly started to think, and she realized she wished for 100 pounds, not 100 dollars. She started to cry, and she got up off of the street and threw the ring into a trash can. She knew she had to get away from the ring. Kelly tried her best to explain what happened to her mom, but her mom didn’t believe her and made her go home to get checked out from the doctors to see if she was okay. Kelly got home to the UK, and she still tried to get her mom and the doctor to believe what had happened, but instead, the doctor said she was going insane and put Kelly into an insane institute. 

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