My Rock by Hannah Shekey

I notice it in the corner of my eye, a small smooth stone. Barely noticeable, a simple glance, and I could have missed it. It was a little circular stone with an indent, making it look like a little bowl. The color is what caught my eye. It looked as if it was made of crystals. The light pinks and oranges streaked through the clear glassy rock. It was like a piece of the sunset had fallen to earth. The beauty astounded me. I quickly put it in my pocket before my friends saw it. 

The rock felt light and warm in my pocket, almost comforting. I could barely focus on what was happening. I just wanted to look at the rock again. I could feel my hand grabbing for the rock, the smooth surface calmed me. I have never felt so at peace. I hear my friends discussing tea. Some girl slept with some guy, who had a girlfriend, and now the girlfriend’s mad. Everyday life, I just wish things could get more interesting. A cold breeze blew past, making me shiver oddly in the heat. 

I feel the warm air on my skin as I get ready to go to school. Blue or pink skirt, the question of the day. I notice the rock laying cold on my pillow. It was almost as if it was watching me. Waiting for me to notice it. I grabbed the rock, putting on the blue skirt before leaving my room. I checked my mirror and something seemed off. I can’t place it, the nagging feeling is dancing in my stomach. Something’s wrong, I just don’t know what. The warm air kissed my skin, making me forget my worries. My beautiful, bright red car sat waiting for me, asking for me to start her smooth engine, and show her off to the world. My fuzzy peach hangs on the mirror inside, waiting to make me smile. Everything seems perfect, from my shoes to my shades, I have never felt so good. 

I could feel eyes on me as I walked into the school. The day went by without an issue, that was until lunch. I could feel all eyes on me as I sat down at my table. Everyone was silent. Before I could ask, they told me a girl had died. The boy caught cheating and the girl he was cheating with, were found drowned in the same lake we had gone walking past. They are trying to find out how it happened. Some people think that the girlfriend did it, but others think we did. The police said it looked like they had slipped and hit their heads on some rocks. They closed off the area in case it was a murder. They said the water helped clean any evidence they might have found. I felt the rock get heavy in my hand. The change was so small, I might have imagined it. When I wished for things to get interesting I hadn’t meant this. 

I have never been so happy to leave school. I was almost running to my car. I stopped when I got there; someone had left a note on my windshield. A cute little pink card. Inside it read,”Hey, I don’t know if you know me, but I really like you. We have 4th period together, I get so excited to see you everyday. You’re very pretty and I was wondering if you wanted to meet up sometime? Meet me in the gym after 4th period tomorrow. Sincerely, a secret admirer.” My head started racing. Who could it be? Why did he just leave it here? Someone had to have seen him put it here. Is it even a he? I wish I knew who this person was. I hate surprises. What if I don’t like him or her back? I wish they had just sent a text like a normal person. 

A cold breeze wakes me up, something is wrong. The feeling is getting stronger. My head feels so light. I felt the rock in my hand before falling back to sleep. I woke up the next morning to an outfit already laid out. I don’t remember picking out an outfit though. I put it on and check the mirror. A cute tight pink dress, with some white sandals. I feel and look super cute, all my worry from last night is gone. It was probably just a dream anyway. My car welcomes me, as I roll down her windows, feeling the warm air on my face. The drive goes all too fast before I’m at school. 

No one seems to be looking at me more than usual, nothing seems out of place. Today seems just like any other day. I would never have guessed that someone wanted to meet me after class. The little butterflies grow as the class gets closer to ending. No one seems to be in a rush, maybe it’s some dumb prank. When the bell rings I get my stuff and walk slowly out of the door. I don’t want to seem excited or nervous. It would be so embarrassing if this is a prank. I hear a scream as I walk to the cafeteria. Panic fills me as I rush to see what happened. There lies the cute quiet kid in my 4th period, dead. I could see the blood dripping out of his head. I feel tears sting my eyes as teachers come rushing. Time slows as I realized that I had wished to know who he was. When I wished to know I had never meant this. 

The image of his bleeding out haunted me throughout the day. His muscles were covered in blood, and his hair was matted in the puddle on the floor. He had slipped and hit his head on a broken chair, cutting his head open and puncturing his throat. His sad, dead eyes stared at me in my thoughts. They accused me of not being there, preventing him from dying. If only I hadn’t gone so slow. I wished it would all go away. His face and all the death, I never meant for this. 

I feel the rock grow heavy; I know I couldn’t have imagined it, not this time. A cold breeze touches my shoulder. I pull the rock out of my pocket. It glistens in the light, looking so innocent. Anger fills me, how can something so pretty be so bad? I throw the rock as hard as I can, running to my car. I started the engine and went home. I could feel tears stinging my eyes. I wanted everything to go back to normal. Before I knew it, I had cried myself to sleep. A cold breeze filled my room, but I hadn’t noticed. I didn’t move. I didn’t wake up until I heard my alarm go off for school. As I got up, I felt something cold in my pocket, when I put my hand in my pocket I knew the rock was back. I felt a tingling in my arm, like little needles piercing my skin. Everything started getting blurry, I tried walking, but I could barely move. I could hear myself trying to yell for help, before I tripped over my chair and fell onto my jewelry. 

My floor and dresser were covered in blood. I had earrings embedded into my face, and the stands had broken under my weight impaling me and slicing my skin like butter. They found the rock sparkling on my pillow, it seemed to glow in the light. They marked my death as an accident, but as everyone knows, death comes in threes, I should have known better than to make a third wish. 

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