Puppy Love by Makayla Snow

I sat on the stairs as my parents fought in the living room for the 5th time today. They always fight, and they never pay any attention to me.They are always out drunk, doing drugs, or my mom brings over random guys. That’s why my parents fight all the time:they just cheat on each other over and over again. Then the abuse came, but only to me. I got up and snuck outside to go to the woods where I have a secret hideout to escape everything. I found this place when my mom took me on a walk when I was younger. As I was sitting on a tree stump, I looked to my right and saw a dog. It was looking around, and it looked at me. The dog stuck its tongue out and ran to me. 

“Hey boy. Where did you come from?”

I looked at his neck to see if he had a collar or something, but I saw nothing. I looked back at him, and he tilted his head. 

“Do you want to come home with me?”

He barked and started spinning. I got up and started walking home; I looked back, and he was following me.

“I think I’ll name you Gemini.”

We walked through the door, and I peeked into the living room and saw my parents still fighting. Gemini and I walked up the stairs and into my room, I closed my door and sat on my bed, Gemini following closely behind me. I raised my hand and started petting his head.

“I wish my parents will stop fighting.”

I sighed and I was about to get up and go take a shower when there was a knock on my door. 

“Come in.”

“Hey sweetie.”

“Hey dad.”

I was confused. My dad never calls me sweetie, and he never knocks on my door. He always says that he pays the bills, so he shouldn’t have to knock. 

“Your mom and I have thought that we should stop fighting and get help to try and love each other again.”

I stared at him, not knowing what to do.

“That’s great.”

He smiled and gave me a hug. 

“Goodnight. I love you.”

He then kissed my head and walked out. I stared wide eyed at the door, not knowing what to do. I shook the feeling off and went into my bathroom, Gemini following. As I was undressing, I started feeling sick, like I was going to throw up. I ran to the toilet and threw up. This happened a couple times, but I thought nothing of it. I got into the shower and zoned out as the boiling hot water poured on my back. After my shower, I went downstairs and saw that my parents were cuddling together on the couch. 

“Wow. My wish came true.”

I told them goodnight and went back to my room. I gave Gemini one last pet before I went to sleep. That night I had a dream where my best friend Ruby came back from Ohio. I heard my phone ringing and I looked at the caller ID. 

“Ruby?” I answered.

“Hey girl. You’ll never guess what I’m about to tell you!”

She seemed very excited about what she wanted to tell me.

“Whats up?”


I quickly sat up in my bed.

“Are you dead serious?”

“Yes. I’m coming home tomorrow.”

“Ok, I’ll be waiting!”

I hung up and stared at my phone. 

“My dream came true.”

As I was thinking out loud, I started coughing. I looked at my hand and saw blood. I ran down the stairs and showed my mom. We walked into the ER and got seen almost immediately. They took tests and took my blood.

“Okay. I got everything back, and nothing seems wrong. We can keep you overnight and see if anything happens.”

I nodded and looked at my crying mom. I went home the next night. They took more tests and nothing was wrong. When I got back, my dad was sitting with Gemini. He ran to me and started licking my face.

‘’When did we get a dog?”

“I found him in the woods. His name is Gemini.”

She nodded and I went up stairs. I got a text from Ruby saying she’ll be here in 3 hours. I looked around my room and decided to move it around. I moved my bed out, and it was a struggle because I have carpet. I sat on my floor out of breath and patted Gemini’s head. 

“I wish I was done moving it already.”


I ran out my door and down the stairs, to my mom who was calling me from outside. 

“Can you help me unload these bags please?”

I nodded and helped her with the bags. After I was done, I ran back upstairs. I froze when I got to my room.

“What.The.Fuck.” I yelled looking around at my now rearranged room.

As I was looking around, my eyes went to Gemini. That’s when it hit me. This dog grants my wishes. I walked up to him and sat down, I started to think of what I wanted. 

“I wish my walls were painted gray.” I said as I patted his head.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them, my walls were painted a dark gray. I stood up and looked at my walls, then at Gemini. I smiled, a real smile. Then I started feeling dizzy, my head started to throb and my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. I grabbed the walls, trying not to fall, but everything went black.

I woke up.I blinked for a couple seconds and sat up. I looked around, but I saw nothing. It looked like I was sitting in a black void. 

“Hello?” I heard and saw nothing but my own voice.

Then a bright light appeared. I covered my eyes with my hand until the light was gone, then a hand touched my wrist. 

“Betty?” I looked up at my grandma. She smiled looking at me.

“Hello sweetheart.”

“Where am I?”

She closed her eyes as tears fell from her face.

“It’s not your time honey.”

Then I realised, I died.

“I’m dead.”

Tears filled my eyes.

“I’m sending you back. Go take care of everyone for me. Tell your pappy I love him and that I’m watching over him.”

“I don’t want to go. I want to stay here with you. I didn’t want you to go.”

“Honey, it was my time. I was ready to go. I wanted to go home. You need to let me go. I’ll always be here. I’ll always be watching. Give your mom a big hug for me. I love you always.”

A bright light came from her hands, and everything went black again. When I woke up, I was in a hospital bed. My mom and dad were crying over me.

“Hey.” My voice came out weak.

They both looked up and smiled. They hugged me tight and started saying how much they love me. They pulled away and Gemini jumped on my lap and I remembered the wishes. 

“I wish Betty was back.”

I started petting him but nothing. She didn’t come back. Tears rolled down my face. I need to let her go. I’m ready to let her go.

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