The Magic Rose by Beonca Morin

It was a beautiful summer day. There was a pretty little girl named Margaret. She found this pretty pink and purple rose with glitter on it. She was going to pick flowers for her mom. They had a beautiful flower garden with so many pretty flowers but there was something very special  about this one rose that grants every wish she makes. The petals will fall off, so she tried the first wish.

The first wish was to have to have the best man that would treat her good. It came true 

They met at a romantic restaurant, and they had dinner and got to know each other and then he asked her out, and they were together forever. 

After she makes a wish and it comes true, she puts it in a vase with magical water. She can keep everything she wishes for. So the next day, she makes another wish around 4:30.

The second wish she wished was to graduate from school, and she has her diploma.  

Third wish was that she had a good job. The fourth wish was to live happily ever after.

She is scared of losing hope and not being happy 

The last wish is for her and her boyfriend to live happily ever after, and she and her boyfriend live in this beautiful house with a pool out back. They have two little girls, and they all lived happily ever after.

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