Untitled by Alex McCusker

It’s a nice and perfect day to go outside. Jack decides he wants to go in his backyard with his metal detector. He brings out his metal detector and starts near the door. He finds nothing there. Then he moves towards his garden left of the door and hears a beep from the detector. He gets excited. He starts to dig up the ground and sees a metal chest.

“Oh wow, a chest!”

“It doesn’t even need a key either”.

He opens the chest and finds an old book in there. The book is torn down and looks like it’s missing some pages. He decides to open the book to see if it says anything or what it’s about. He opens the first page and sees that it reads, “Whatever as you wish, you shall receive”.

“I don’t believe this book, that’s impossible”.

Jokingly he says, “fine, I wish to live forever”.

The book flips to the next page, and the page reads, “Wish granted”.

“Wait. What? How?”

Bill couldn’t believe that it actually worked.

“There’s no way that worked”.

He calls his friend to tell him that he’s coming over to tell him great news.

“Jack, I am coming over right now and telling you something important!”

He drives all the way to her house and rings the doorbell. Jack answers. He sees that he has aged and looks old.

“Jack, what happened to you?”

“What do you mean, Bill?”

“You’re old now”.

“You’re funny. I have always been like this”.

He thinks, Did I time travel?

“Jack, what year are we currently in right now?”

“It’s the year 2052, Why?”

“Nothing, I just forgot”.

Bill runs to his car and drives off with no explanation. He drives to his mom’s house to see how she is doing also. He arrives there and notices that there is a “For sale” sign there.

“My mom must have moved”.

Bill calls his friend to ask where she went.

“Hey, do you know where my mom moved to?”

“Moved to?”


“Bill, she died years ago.”

“I never knew anything about this.”

“Oh, I’m sorry you have to hear it this way.”

Bill ends the call and gets in his car. He wants to go home and take a nap. He gets to his house and goes straight to his bed. He doesn’t believe this is real. He believes it’s all just a dream.

He wakes up to the sound of a bunch of sirens. He looks out his window to see what’s happening. He sees a bunch of ambulances at his friend’s house. He rushes outside to get a better look. He sees them pull out a stretcher with his friend on it.

“Oh no, this can’t be real!”

He runs to the paramedics so he can ask them some questions.

“What happened?”

“He had a heart attack”.

“Do you think he will make it?”

“I’m sorry He’s already dead”.

Bill falls to the ground crying. He realizes that everyone he loves is dying. He is going to have no one left soon if his last friend dies. He calls his other friend to tell him the bad news.

“Hey, our friend Jack, just died!”

“How did he die?”

“From a heart attack”.

Bill ends the call so he can go back to bed and get some sleep. He walks back to his house and runs to his bedroom.

It’s the morning, and Bill notices nothing else has happened while he was sleeping. He can now just have a normal day. He walks outside and takes a glance at his friend’s house. He starts to remember all of the moments he has had with him. He misses him alot right now. He knows he has messed up when he wished for eternity of life. He can’t have anyone now. Everyone he becomes friends with will die eventually, and he knows that. He wishes he could go back in time and wish something else.

A couple minutes later after thinking all of that, he gets a call from his other friend.


“Hello Bill, this is Gary”.

“Oh, Hey Gary. Is there something wrong?”

“Yeah, I think I may need some help driving to the hospital. I’m not feeling too great, and my side hurts”.

“Okay I’ll be over in a couple of minutes”.

Bill arrives at Gary’s house. He sees Gary on the floor passed out.

“Gary? Gary are you okay?”

Bill decides he needs to call an ambulance.

“Hello, my friend just passed out on the floor. The address is 27 Mulberry Street.”

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