Mira’s Darkside by Jayden Rhodes

What is a mirror to you? Is it a pane of glass with a polished reflective metal behind it? Or is it a window where you can look at yourself all day? What if I told you there was more to them than meets the eye, what if I told you that they were not just a window but a door? A door that leads to a whole new dimension that connects with all of the other “doors” in the world. And to those of us that can use these doors, we can go anywhere we please, and see what is on the outside.

The dimension on the other side is a dangerous place, especially to those who travel through it. There are many “beings” that were made from the void, and can travel through the void faster and do more than just those like me. There are a few others like me that I have run into while in the void, but that was many years ago. I have not gone back into the void, not since I encountered something that likes to eat us travelers. Many of those like me have disappeared in the void never to be seen again.

I am afraid of what is on the other side of those mirrors, and what their intentions are. I am afraid of the traveler eater because it blends in with the void. You can only see its teeth when it opens its mouth to catch you. If I were you, I would never watch a mirror in the dark, because you just don’t know what can come out of it or what might drag you in with it. That is why I am afraid.

My name is Mira. I’m in my late twenties, and I can use mirrors as portals. I am not the only one that can do this, and I probably won’t be the last. I wasn’t mutated or made in a lab, I was just born like everyone else. I figured out that I could interact with mirrors when I was about eight. I thought I saw a boy inside and I tried to reach out to him, and my hand went into the mirror. He reached out and pulled me. He said, “welcome to the void.”

Things have been acting really strange. People started by saying they saw something in their mirrors. Then a challenge was made which was similar to the bloody mary challenge. Those who were naive enough to try it would most often witness some mouth coming through the mirror and then disappearing. Things progressed quickly. People started to get scratches and then bites. Within the last week the number of people disappearing has gone up all over the world. I know these things are leaving the mirrors. I know them all too well, and something must be done.

So I went to one of the only people that I can trust. I went to see my friend Ashton who pulled me into that other world all those years ago. He has always been fascinated with the void. He dedicated his home life to researching and developing technologies that can interact with the void. Ashton graduated with a masters in computer engineering, and is always tinkering with his little inventions. Most of the time they don’t particularly work. Sometimes they work but have no real application, and sometimes they fill a role perfectly.

I asked, “Have you heard about any of these incidents with the void’s creatures coming through to our world?” 

Ashton said with worry in his voice, “Yea… I have but I don’t know much about what is going on. It’s just what little I get from friends here and there around the world.”

“Well what do you know?”, I asked.

“Only that for some reason the creatures of the void have gained the ability to exit the void itself and move into our world, causing chaos and havoc. But they also must return to the void because if they spend too long out of the void they will perish.”, responded Ashton.

Quickly I asked, “Have you had any ideas on how to prevent them from entering or maybe even cutting off their means of escape?”

“Well, there could be several ways of preventing them from entering our world.” “But some might not work”, Ashton thought to himself.

He then showed me several ideas he had. The one I liked was just putting a simple cover over the mirror so it no longer acts as a mirror and is therefore not a portal. But that is not something that you could just go around and start doing. There was a better option, but it was a newer idea that had not been tested yet. Ashton said,”This device is still experimental, I haven’t tested it yet.” “We have to take action as soon as possible, so we can’t wait around to test it out”, I said. In the next room over we heard over the scanner in the room about some unexplained disturbances a few blocks away. 

As I was driving over, I was looking at the little stun gun esque contraption made by Ashton. I was wondering if it would really work. He showed me how to use it. All you do is push the safety in, point, and then squeeze the trigger. When it works, I will be able to fully see what the void creatures look like, and then they will just burst into a plume of smoke, or so he says. It still didn’t change the fact that I was a little nervous. I knew that I would have to go into the void and fight them on their own terms.

When I arrived in the area, you could hear someone screaming in a building on the other side of the road. I reached back into the car and grabbed the void gun, and took off to try and help. As I got to the apartment where the screaming was coming from. I tried to kick the door in, but it wouldn’t budge. The screaming stopped, and I knew I was too late to make any form of difference. I fell against the door and slid to the floor and began to sob, holding my face in my hands. After a few minutes, I heard someone walk to the door and grab the handle. I stood up and spun around and pointed my gun at the door, waiting for a void monster to open the door and lunge at me.

I slowly reached for the handle. The door opened to reveal an apartment that looked clean, there wasn’t even a piece of lint on the ground. I started searching throughout the house with my gun at the ready, while I checked every dark corner and every mirror. The last room to check was the bedroom, and the door was shut. As I walked forward I thought I heard whimpering from inside the room. The door flew open and a girl with a gash on her arm came running out and crashed into me, sending us both to the floor. Then my nightmare came out from inside the room, and you could count the teeth in its grin as it walked over to us. It was standing hunched over with an animalistic face, it appeared to be almost slimmy. You could feel the anger and hate emanating from within the beast. I looked around and picked up my gun and then pointed it and squeezed the trigger. And there was nothing; it just went click, I tucked into myself and began to sob because I was powerless and at that monstrosity’s mercy. It chuckled then grabbed the girl who was kicking and screaming, and dragged her into the void.

Ashton then came running into the room saying “I gotta fix the guu…” as he saw me on the floor crying like a baby. He knelt down and picked me up, and gave me a hug. It was a good and needed comfort from someone I trust. As I was putting myself back together, he picked up the gun and changed a few things on it. He then handed it back to me, saying “Okay it should work flawlessly now, happy hunting.”

I then turned around and walked into the wrecked bedroom, and stood in front of the mirror. The mirror, the door, the monster that controlled my life, no longer has a grip on me. I put my gun up and began to walk into the void. One way or another, in this world or the next I will hunt down the void’s abomination and destroy it.

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