My Stupid Curse by Skye Riddell

I die everyday just to save a life. I wake up like it’s a normal day. I get a cup of coffee and head to work. I’m the head detective in Chicago, and I get a murder case everyday because of my super powers. I hate my powers. should call it a curse, but having them gets me to save a life, then that’s all that matters. I am terrified of death, and my powers don’t help me with that. Everyone calls me a hero and they wish they had my powers, but they don’t really know what I go through with these stupid powers. My powers can be a helpful thing, but if I can’t find the person in time, then I basically just let a murder happen. The way my powers work is when a random person gets killed, I go through it. That’s right. I feel the pain, I see the person that’s dying, I die with them, and then I come back to life, but here’s the catch: the death hasn’t happened yet. My powers show me a person that’s going to die later that day, so my job is to find out who that person is and save their life before they get murdered. Then here comes my actual job, I get to catch the murder and put them in jail. 

Today I woke up not feeling well, but I pushed through it and went to work. Felt a sharp pain in my side. looked up and saw no one near me. I look down at my side, and there’s a knife. I scream in pain. I start to hyperventilate because I’m getting closer to death, and I can’t take that part. I see the guy that actually got stabbed. He’s a lot taller than me, and he wears glasses. I try to remember everything I can while trying to calm myself down. The pain started to go away, and when that happens I know I’m about to be done with this death. I see it getting darker, and boom I’m alive again. I rush to get to my office and give my description to our sketch artist. He gets a good drawing of the person, and I start to do my job. I search and search to find this person, but no leads. I try to think of any details that I missed at first, and I still got nothing. I tried my best, but I couldn’t do anything, and that’s the worst part. It was around lunch time, so I went to get something to eat. I was eating tacos when I felt a sharp pain in my side again. I knew what was happening, but it’s never happened twice in the same day. I tried to stay calm, but I couldn’t this time. I started not being able to breath because of me panicking. I saw no one this time, just a place. It was a flower shop. I still had the sharp pain in my side, and it started to get dark. I thought that the pain was supposed to go away when I get closer to death. 

I’m alive again, but this time was different. I still had the pain in my side. It wasn’t the sharp pain that I couldn’t handle, it was the fact that it happened twice. I never died twice in one day. For a couple of moments after this death I couldn’t stop hyperventilating. I was close to death twice. I wanted these powers gone at this moment and to just go home and sleep it off. I went back to work, trying to keep myself calm. I started to do some paperwork when I remembered. The first time I died the clock said 3:28pm. I looked on my computer for all the flower shops in the city, and there were a lot, too many. I tried my best to remember what the flower shop looked like. I went through pictures, at least a dozen, until I saw one that looked kind of familiar. I looked at the time, and it said 2:53pm. I got my team, and we rushed to the flower shop. I stood near where I saw the guy standing. I waited till I saw the guy. I ran up to him to explain what’s about to happen. As soon as I turned around, I got a sharp pain in my side. I looked up at a guy dressed in a hoodie holding a knife. I felt the blood coming out of the stabwound and that’s when I realized the second death I saw was my own. 

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