The Investigator by Alex McCusker

It was a stormy night in Gainesville. Barry hears a noise come from upstairs. It sounds like it comes from his attic. Barry doesn’t want to check because he gets frightened easily. He starts to hear it get louder. So he decides to go check anyway. He walks up his stairs and lowers the ladder that leads to the attic. He goes up the ladder and peeks his head up a little bit to observe the room. He sees a white figure standing in the corner moving things around. He goes down the ladder very quickly and runs in his room.

He says to himself, “What was that?”

He’s too scared to go take a look again and figure it out. Luckily he didn’t have to do that. The white figure went to him.

“Please don’t hurt me, Stay away”, Barry said to the figure.

The figure responds and says, “I am a victim of a murderer. I have been following you because I know you can see me”.

“Oh that makes sense, that’s why your face is half burnt and you have a knife stuck in your back”.

“Yes, I got stabbed and then got burnt in the face. You need to help me. I want you to find the murderer and get him put in jail”.

“I will try my best”.

Barry sprints to his door so he can close it. He doesn’t want to see that ghost anymore tonight. He wants to go to bed since it’s getting late. So he sprints back to his bed and falls asleep.

It’s the morning, and Barry wakes up. Good news for him is that he doesn’t see that ghost anymore. Bad news is that he still has to help that ghost out in hopes that it doesn’t hurt him. Barry gets out of his bed and changes into new clothes so he can go hunting for that murderer.

He starts to see that ghost again. The ghost starts to walk towards him with half his face falling off.

“Before you go, the murderer has brown hair and a scar near his right eye. He also tends to wear the color black a lot too”.

Barry says, “Okay, thank you for the information”.

Barry starts to leave his house and begins to head towards the city.

He arrives at the city and begins to look around. He sees multiple people wearing the color black, but no one with a scar near the right eye. That’s what he is mainly looking for, the scar. Once he sees someone with that, he is immediately calling the police. He starts to hear a screaming noise, a noise like a woman screaming for their life. He starts to run closer to the screaming and sees that it leads towards an alleyway. He sees a ghost walk out of there.

The ghost says, “There is a guy that just killed me down there, he has a scar on his right eye”.

“That must be the same guy that killed the other ghost!”

Barry runs down the alleyway and hides behind a wall to see if he can see him. He begins to call the police.

“Hello, there is a murderer in an alleyway. It’s the alleyway beside the bakery. Please hurry”.

The murderer hears him and runs to his location. The murderer finds him and pulls out his knife.

“So, I see you called the cops on me. Too bad that you’re going to be dead before they get here, and I will be long gone.”

“No, you are not escaping! Your victims have been telling me what you have looked like and have been helping me out.”

“My victims?”


The murderer takes a strike at Barry, but something weird happens. His hand gets stuck in mid air.

“What’s happening to me?”

“Like I said, your victims have been helping me”.

“There’s no way, that’s impossible!”

“False, they are the ones protecting me right now, and you can’t kill them. They are already dead”.

They both start to hear police sirens coming from the distance.

Barry says, “that doesn’t sound good for you”.

“No! This can’t be happening.”

“Oh, but it is. See you in jail!”

Barry walks away and looks back. He still sees the ghost holding the murderer’s hand back. He waves to the victims as they wave back.

“Oh thank you guys, for saving me!”

“No problem, thank you for taking care of this guy. He deserves to be in prison!”

Barry walks out to the street so he can direct the police to where the murderer is at. He hears the sirens get closer. He begins to see them and starts to point to the alley way.

He yells, “He is this way!”

The police run out of their cars and pull out their guns. They slowly start to walk down the alley way as the sheriff walks toward Barry.

“Thank you, what you did is brave. Not many people report this kind of stuff because they get scared. You have saved many more lives. This murderer is very dangerous.”

“Oh, no problem, Thank you guys for saving me. I could have died”.

Barry starts to walk off and begins to walk to his house. As he is walking, he sees the ghost.

“Thank you, your job is done. Now we can finally be at peace”.

The ghost disappeared. Now Barry doesn’t have to see them again. He also got over his fear of ghosts. He thinks they are friendly. He will forever be thankful for them saving him back in the alleyway from dying.

One thought on “The Investigator by Alex McCusker

  1. I think the main character should find out he is a ghost at the end a la The Sixth Sense… still a ghost stopping a stabbing was a great twist in narration.


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