A Collection of Fem Poetry by Jaidallyn Andrews 

Greetings By Jaidallyn Andrews  

He asks you how you are, how you’re doing, and how you’ve been.

He asks about your partner and your kids.

He asks you about your job and your education.

But you lie.

You say that you’re good, that you’re doing okay, and that you’ve been fine.

You say that your relationship isn’t toxic and your kids aren’t struggling because of it.  

You say that you love working long hours and you’re excelling in the extra courses you’re taking. 

Because if you told the truth, you wouldn’t be the super woman that you’re supposed to be. 

And the man behind the counter at the store doesn’t really care about those things he asked. 

Dress Code By Jaidallyn Andrews 

My grandmother bought me a flower printed dress that I plan to wear to school. 

It shows my thighs,

But I am happy in my skin and proud of my body. 

My mother bought me a corduroy skirt that I plan to wear to wear to a school event. 

It hangs slightly above my knees, 

But I am happy in my skin and proud of my body. 

I bought myself a top with thin straps that match my corduroy skirt. 

It shows my shoulders,

But I am happy in my skin and proud of my body. 

The clothes I wear and the skin that I show, are not for your eyes, 

Not for you to sexualize, 

And most certainly not for a code written in your book. 

Don’t By Jaidallyn Andrews

Don’t ask them what they were wearing.

Don’t ask them how they responded.

Don’t ask them if they said “NO” loud enough.  

Don’t ask them if they “invited the attention.” 

Because what they were wearing, what they said, how hard they fought, and how they acted, 

Does not change what happened to them and does not make them any less of a victim. 

Instead, ask them how you can show your support, 

And respect their response.  

Stop victim blaming and stand with those that need it most. 

Gaps By Jaidallyn Andrews 

I work everyday, 



And putting my heart and soul into what I do. 

But he earns more. 

I put in the same amount of effort, 


And care. 

But he earns more. 

I am a woman and because of that, 

He earns more. 

Stand Together

By Jaidallyn Andrews 

I am young and prepared, 

And proud of who I am. 

Though I still worry over small things, 

And hurtful words sting,

My past has strengthened me, 

And getting closure set me free. 

I am independent and strong, 

And will fight for those who have been wronged. 

I’ve been hurt before, 

And I refuse to ignore, 

Everyone else in my shoes.

We will not lose. 

One thought on “A Collection of Fem Poetry by Jaidallyn Andrews 

  1. Jaidallyn,
    These poems are amazing and can resonate with so many, including myself. You have such a wonderful way of connecting to the reader. You’re talented! Continue to pursue your passions, you should be proud!


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