Controlling by Skye Riddell

Emily: This is our third time moving into a new town, new house, and a new school. My dad has a job that makes us move a lot and I hate it, but on a plus side, I get to see new places. The town is a small town, but seems like a good place to live. Our last town wasn’t a good town. People were getting stabbed a lot and there was always a store getting robbed, so I’m excited for this town. We just pulled up to our new home, and I fell right in love with it. The house was so beautiful. It had a huge bay window, three stories, and a wrap around porch. In all it had four bedrooms and three baths. It was a good place for my family because I have one sibling and then my parents, so that left one room. My dad told me that the last room will be for my library. I read constantly, so I have a lot of books. 

Steve: I started to pull out my boxes and bring them to my room. My mom and dad had already unpacked the kitchen, the living room, and the bathrooms. All Emily and I had to do was unpack our stuff. I carried the boxes up to my room and had my dad help me with my bed. It took me almost all day to unpack two boxes. I hate unpacking. With all the times we moved, I never got okay with unpaking. I went into Emily’s room and tried to get out of finishing my room. I saw her dancing and singing while putting her books away in her library. Of course she got the extra room even though I’m the oldest and wanted that room for my gaming. Emily is the favorite, and at this point I don’t even care because I’ll be leaving to go to college in a year. 

Emily: I was putting my books on the shelves while my older brother sat in my reading chair and played on his phone. I filled up two bookshelves, and I still had four more boxes to unpack. I have read all of the books I own except for three, so that means almost time for me to go pick out more books. I finished unpacking my books and went into my actual room and started to unpack that stuff. By the time I finished unpacking, my mom yelled that dinner was done. I went to go to Steve, but by the time I left my room, I saw Steve running down the stairs. 

Dad: I loved having a family dinner, so I made sure the family sits down at the table with no phones everynight to talk about that day. The kids didn’t have much to say other than they are done packing or that they are almost done packing. While we were eating dinner, the power shut off. My wife had me go look at the breaker box to see if the switch flipped. When I went down to look at the switch, I saw a person standing beside the box. I went to grab my phone to call the police, but my phone is on the counter beside everyone else’s phone. I ran back upstairs to go get my phone and to get my family into a room safe. I went upstairs to explain what I saw. My Family didn’t believe me, but I got them in a safe room and went back down to the basement. I didn’t see the person anymore, but I kept an eye out. I got the lights on and checked the house, no one was in the house other than my family. That night I kept checking the doors to see if they were locked. 

Mom: I didn’t believe my husband that there was a guy in the house. I explained to him he probably saw his shadow, or he just imagined it. He still insisted on checking every door and every window. That night he slept with one of his guns on his nightstand. My husband owned many guns, he had them all in a gun safe, so I didn’t worry. We went to bed and nothing happened like I thought. 

Dad: After that night I tried to get it out of my mind. No one was in the house, I searched the house and made sure the windows and door were locked. There was nothing, so that means no one was in the house. We all got back to normal after a few days went by, and it was like nothing had happened (because nothing happened, I kept telling myself). The day went by fast. It was time for me to get into bed. I still had my gun on my nightstand just in case. My wife didn’t care about the guns because I am safe with them. I couldn’t sleep. I kept flipping back and forth trying to get comfortable. I laid on my back finally about to pick up my phone when I saw a guy standing in the doorway. I grabbed my gun and yelled “get out of my house, you don’t belong here.” When I said that, my wife jumped up out of bed and screamed at me, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” I tried explaining to her that there was a guy standing there while keeping sight of the man, but she kept saying she didn’t see anyone. Next thing I knew I was pointing the gun at my wife. 

Mom: “Honey what are you doing? Put the gun down now!” I tried talking to him to put the gun down, but he kept yelling words that I didn’t understand. Something like “He’s making me, I can’t stop, please just stop.” I tried running to get out, but everytime I moved he would follow me. I didn’t want the kids to see him like this or have him point the gun at them. I yelled “KIDS LEAVE THE HOUSE! DON’T WORRY ABOUT ME! JUST LEAVE”. My husband kept yelling the same thing I was yelling, but still pointed the gun at me. He tried to explain that it wasn’t him, and that he loved me. 

Dad: “I SHOT HER, OH GOD BABY, WHY DID YOU MAKE ME DO THAT. The guy was still standing there not responding to me, but somehow he was controlling my hands. I tried running to my wife, but instead I was walking towards my kids’ bedroom. I tried every way to stop, I just couldn’t do anything. I was walking towards my kids’ room yelling “LEAVE NOW, DON’T COME BACK.” 

Emily: I woke up in the middle of the night to hearing my dad yelling “leave to not come back.” I didn’t understand what he was telling me, so I went out to see him. I got in the hallway, and there he was, standing in the hallway and pointing a gun at me. I didn’t know what was happening. All I knew was he was holding a gun to me, trying to explain he wasn’t doing this, that a man was controlling him. I didn’t see any man. I tried yelling for my brother to not come out of his room or go to my dad, but as I did, I saw the gun go off. Blood rushed down my body. Dad stepped over me, looked right into my eyes and pulled the trigger again. 

Steve: I heard the gunshots going off. I knew there had to be someone in the house, so I hid in my closet, hoping they wouldn’t find me. I heard my dad coming into my room, and that’s when I came out of the closet. He stood there with the gun, and I tried explaining to him that I’m all good. No one was in the room, that we were safe. He was crying and trying to explain that I had to stop him. I didn’t understand why he was saying what he was saying. We were yelling at each other trying to understand, then I looked over, and I saw a guy standing behind him. “I SEE THE GUY, DAD, I SEE HIM!” I’m crying now, and my dad looked terrified. He didn’t want me to see the guy. He thought if I see the guy that means he’s going to make me do the terrible stuff. I went to go get closer, but by the time I knew what was happening, I had a knife in my hand running towards my dad. “ I’M NOT DOING THIS DAD, MAKE IT STOP.” 

Dad: I didn’t know how I could make it stop. I just saw him coming towards me. I panicked and then he was laying on the floor. Blood all around him. I fell to the floor staring at his body. 

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