Poetry by Hannah Shekey

Red Roses

Roses are red violets are blue, I still truly hate you

My fears have fled, to me you are dead

Because you messed me up so bad in the head

Because of you I have been mislead

So my poem I hope you have read

Because by tomorrow I will be dead.


They come in the night and by day they take flight

Some are happy and some are sad 

Some are really really bad

They make you cheer and also fear

They make you fright in the night until the first morning light

Waking up you will remember some

But others will flee when the day has begun

So hold them close 

They tell stories of fears and tears

They will teach you lessons throughout your years

But if you forget you will miss out

And when you try to remember you will never figure it out

But take warning for some are real

You cant hide and you can’t run

For they will find you and they will come

So close your eyes and pray

Because it is not yet the light of day


Tears tears many fears
No one has the ears to hear

Everyone has their own fears

Conquering them throughout the years

Don’t take flight you need to fight

Fight fears that bring your tears 

So they can’t haunt you for all your years

Good night

Good night goodnight

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

The monsters under your bed will one day be in your head

Close your eyes tilt your head to the skies

Listen to the wind blow

Hear all the secrets it may know

Look to the moon and make a wish 

To the frog blow a kiss

When you die I pray you will be missed 

Until then go to sleep and into your dreams

The monsters are everywhere so beware 

But don’t give in you can fight them

Be strong from within 

You don’t have to listen to them

Close your eyes and pray to see the next day so you may fight again

Show them no matter how much they scare you that you can win

For you are stronger than them

Come and go

Friends will come and go

Sometimes you must let them go

If they cant leave through the door 

Open a window a little more

If they don’t want to stay dont hold on

They can make you but don’t let them break you

For you are in control 

And they don’t have to stay 

So get up and start your day 

Now make things go your way


You can make me

But you can’t break me

I don’t need you in my face

You can be replaced

I’m not going to hold on

We are over like a song 

I don’t want you I moved on 

You did me so damn wrong 

Your funny to think i even care

Please get out of my hair 

I don’t want to be friends

Like a book we have an end

And my story just began

You won’t make it to the next chapter 

And I will just learn to read faster

Because in the end my story will bring laughter 

The one I want is me 

So go ahead and flee

Everyone leaves me 

This isn’t new 

So goodbye boo

Watch me replace you


They say let me go 

We both know I can’t stay

I don’t wanna see another day

Everyone goes away 

When I fall in love we always fall apart

I no longer have a heart

The feelings are numb

I dont want to look dumb

I’ve had my fun and life has only begun

When I’m happy something goes wrong

I don’t know how to move on

Life is like a movie or a sad song

And one day I will be gone

So if I let you close to me

You have to promise not to leave

I’ll ask you not to hurt me

But in the end I know all I have is me

So if you leave you leave

Because I have no choice but to stay

I’m the only one holding my hand at the end of the day

Focused on me I will succeed 

Life has taught me lots of things 

But mostly that I can only count on me

So go ahead and try to hurt me

I already know you will leave and in the end I already have me

And that’s all I need so let me  be 

Live Life

Cry your tears

Try your fears

Spend your years

Life is on the move

Try not to lose

You only get one chance

So let me warn you in advance

If you lose you lose

You’ll get a pretty bruise

Get back up and try again

For the end is at hand

This is your chance

So forget the plans

Do something you never knew you could do

Live the life you want 

Be a new and better you 

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