QUESTionable by Jenna Perry

Princess Amelia was born into a royal family in which they had a quest for her. From the day Amelia was born, her family engraved in her mind that when she turned sixteen, she had to set off on a quest that only she could attend. Amelia is a shy girl who only has a couple friends and spends most of her time reading or tending to her family. Although Amelia is a princess, she feels more as if she is the only one not royal in the family. She lives in a house with her two parents, Queen Leanne and Prince Mark and her younger sister, Princess Shae. Her mother and father are great parents, but ever since Shae was born, she has felt like the outcast. Being an outcast in a royal household is not the ideal situation considering there are press and news reporters everywhere. Amelia has always felt as if when interviewed, the rest of her family would take over and not let her express herself. This last time set her off.

“Princess Amelia, are you ready to set off on your quest when you turn sixteen?”

“Amelia is more than ready, we have prepared her and even though she may not know it, she is ready.”

Amelia mumbled, “Thanks mom.”

Amelia was starting to think that this quest was not what everyone was telling her it was. She has two more days.

“Amelia, come down here. I have one more thing to teach you before Tuesday comes.”

Amelia’s thoughts on this have been shifting. 

The last thing Queen Leanne told Amelia was, “Do not spill any information you receive while on the quest, if asked any questions, lie.”

Lie? She was always told not to lie.

The day came, and Amelia was filled with nerves. Her hopes for this to go well were low, considering her parents made this seem like some sort of creepy case where something may happen to her nothing has been clear. Amelia boarded her train, and her first stop was Rye, England. A little town, population of 4,000. She did exactly as she was told, “when you get to Rye, find the old guy in the train booth.” She proceeded off the train and to the train booth.

“Miss, I think you are looking for me”, Amelia heard from behind her. 

“Yes sir, I am Amelia.”

“I know who you are. I am only here to give you your next clue.”

The old guy handed Amelia a piece of paper with large bolded letters reading, “GO TWO MILES WEST.”

Amelia’s face went blank. She was not prepared to navigate herself through towns she did not know. So, she figured she better ask for help. That was rule number three her mother and father engraved in her mind. She took the paper from the old man and started walking. She saw mile markers, which made it easier for her. As she hit mile one, she was walking into an old abandoned town, where she saw no one. Alone and frightened, Amelia was beginning to be certain her family put her up to something suspicious. Finally, she saw mile marker number two, but no one in sight, so she kept walking. 

“Ma’am!” Amelia was startled, this time she heard a woman’s voice. She turned around and saw an old lady with a cane. Once again, suspicious. 


“I am here to give you your next clue. You are Princess Amelia, right?”


She handed Amelia a box. The box had a bunch of confetti and a note that said, “The next stop is your last stop. Follow the dirt road ahead, and you will find your destination.”

Amelia was getting frustrated, so she stomped off. It took her an hour to get to the next stop. When she reached what looked like a big castle, she figured that was where she needed to be. The castle looked magical. Though Amelia always grew up in a royal family, this was the most royal thing she had ever seen. Was she wrong about what her parents were trying to do? She wasn’t even sure what she thought her parents were trying to do, but only one way to find out. 

Amelia got to the front doors of the castle and knocked. Immediately, a grown man in a suit opened the door and screamed, “she’s here!” Amelia heard multiple footsteps coming towards the door. About ten people reached the door and welcomed her.

“Hi Princess Amelia, we have been waiting for you.”

“Uh, hi.” Amelia was anxious.

“Come, come, it is time to tell you why you are here.”

They took her to a big ball room; she saw nothing but royalty. 

“Amelia, it is time we crown you Princess of all of Asgard.”

“What? I am going to be THE Princess?”

“Yes honey. We have been waiting for this day.”

“But, why me?”

“You are worthy of this Amelia, take this with honor. Your parents taught you well.”

They crowned her “Princess of all of England” and set her on her way back home. The whole way home Amelia was stunned. She could not grasp what had just happened.

“Mom! Dad! I am home!”

“Hi baby”, her mom said with a smirk.

Amelia hugged them and thanked them. Her world had just changed for the better.

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