Untitled by Alex McCusker

It was a sunny day on the beach. Jason was chilling in his lawn chair while feeling the breeze hit his face. He hears a bunch of girls giggling, so he looks over. He sees a  guy with sunglasses on. Jason watches the girls sit on his lap and move his arms around to make it look like he was dancing. Jason is convinced that the guy is dead, he hasn’t done anything but sit there. He thinks someone murdered that guy and put sunglasses on him so no one would notice. Jason stares at him for 10 minutes to see if he moves at all. The guy doesn’t move. Jason calls the police to report a murder.

“Hello, there has been a murder. This guy on the beach isn’t moving at all. I’ve been watching him for 10 minutes”.

“Sir, he’s probably just sleeping. Many people fall asleep on the beach”.

“But he hasn’t moved at all”.

“Sir, don’t worry about it”.

Jason hangs up the phone. He is convinced that the guy is dead. He looks around to see if anyone has noticed. He doesn’t see anyone staring; everyone is playing and having fun. Jason goes over to where the guy is sitting. He doesn’t hear him breathing.

Jason yells, “Everyone, this guy is dead!”

Everyone just laughs and mocks him. No one believes him and thinks he’s joking. 

“No guys, i’m being serious!” 

Everyone continues to laugh. Jason walks off and grabs his chair. He goes to his car so he can find clues. He can’t believe that those people didn’t believe him. He thinks he is obviously dead. He drives around the location to see if there are any clues. He sees nothing but a knife on the ground by a dumpster behind a restaurant.

“This must be the murder weapon!”

He drives up to the dumpster to get a closer look at the knife. He sees that the knife is clean but it’s a bit dull. He thinks the murderer cleaned it off.

A worker from the restaurant walks out to take out the trash. The worker notices the knife on the ground and takes it inside with him.

“He must be the murderer. He’s hiding the evidence”.

Jason drives around to the entrance of the restaurant to see where this guy is going, he lost track of where he went.

“I’m just going to get some sleep, and come back here tomorrow”.

Jason drives back to his house. He goes to bed. He dreams about that guy at the restaurant. He envisions that, the guy at the restaurant comes behind him and stabs him so he can’t tell anyone about the murder. 

Jason wakes up from his nightmare. It’s the next day. Jason decides to go to the beach again to see if the dead guy is still there. He arrives at the beach and notices the guy is in a different spot than yesterday.

“Someone must have moved him”.

He looks around to see if there is anyone nearby. He sees no one. The beach is empty except for him and the dead guy. He decides that it’s best to call the police again.

“Hello, I’m here to report a dead guy on the beach”.

“Dead guy?”

“Yes, he’s been here since yesterday and hasn’t moved”.

“Okay we will send a detective down to investigate”.

Jason sits there still looking around to see if there is anyone nearby. He notices that he can see the restaurant from where he’s at. He looks to see if he sees that worker. He doesn’t see him. He hears the police cars getting closer. He gets up and waves his hands back and forth so the police can see where he’s at.

“I’m right here! This is where the body is!”

The police see him and come to right to him, they walk over to the body to see how it’s doing. 

“The body seems to be alive; we hear his heartbeat”.

“But how? He hasn’t moved at all”.

“Sir, like we have said, he was probably sleeping”.

“Well, can you atleast go to that restaurant and question the workers there?”

“Yes, we will do that”.

The police drive away and go to the restaurant. Jason sees them walk in. He can’t see anything else past that point. Jason walks up to the body to see if it was true. He hears the heartbeat. He still doesn’t believe it. He believes it was a setup to make the police think he was lying. He sees the police walk out of the restaurant. They come over to jason.

“Yes, we just interrogated everyone in that restaurant, and they said he’s been sleeping there and haven’t seen anyone go near him”.

“I don’t believe that. There was a knife behind the restaurant, and I saw one of the workers pick it up and take it inside as soon as they saw me”. 

“Yeah we investigated that guy, and he said that someone threw it away accidentally and his boss told him to take it inside to clean it off”.

“It doesn’t make sense though; that guy hasn’t moved in days”.

“Maybe he just gets there before you and sleeps”.

Jason sees a woman walk to the beach. She appears to be walking near that body.

She yells, “John!”

The guy gets up and walks away with her. Jason is baffled. That guy was sleeping all along.

“How can someone sleep through all this stuff but wake up as soon as they hear their name like that?”

“He might have a sleeping disorder and is just afraid of his wife at the same time, so he trained himself to wake up when his wife calls him”.

The police leave and so does Jason. Jason walks back and takes the guys chair and brings it home with him since he has been fooled.

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