Mall Cop by Hannah Shekey

My tiny badge shines in the store lights as I speed around on my segway. It’s my duty to watch everyone, eat donuts, and enforce the rules. So far I’ve stopped two old ladies from bringing their cats inside the mall, and I’ve helped hundreds of people find what they are looking for. Without me this mall could never survive. I am the mall cop, the missing piece that keeps everything going how it should. 

I watch everyone come and go inside the mall. I can name all of the regulars, my favorite one comes in at 3pm every day. My lovely wife always comes in and brings me coffee and grabs some fast food for dinner. She’s so sexy with all her curves, and the smell of pastries envelopes her. She giggles as I drive around on my segway, trying to impress her. She knows I don’t have too long before I have to do my job. I try to hug her goodbye when something, well someone, catches my eye. The pastor. He’s here every day after church to talk to people about God, but this time he has a little boy with him. Not just any little boy, but a little boy who used to come here often with his mom, a boy who hasn’t been here in a month.

On high alert, I scan, looking for the boy’s mom. I roll around on my segway, checking every shop in the entire mall. I can’t find her anywhere. Anything could have happened to her. My mind races at the possibilities. What if she was kidnapped, beaten, dead, or what if she was a Russian spy, and he wasn’t her kid? At that moment two things hit me, the first was the thought of her being murdered, and the second thought was the heavenly smell of the bakery shop begging me to come. Dropping the first thought like a vegetable, I rushed over to the bakery. The cakes, cookies, donuts, and muffins all calling my name. They sit, cheering me on like the audience at a basketball game, waiting to see who will be eaten today. From the jelly and creamed filled donuts, to the chocolate coconut cakes, I drool as I picture myself eating all of them. The rainbow cupcakes with snow white icing, sprinkles decorating the top, and cream in the middle, catch my eyes. The moment I saw them I knew they were the winners. I bought a baker’s dozen of these glorious unicorn cupcakes, their smell like a siren to anyone who dares to listen. I sit and eat them, enjoying their exquisite taste, knowing deep down I made the right choice.

My watch strikes 5 pm, I get ready for a new wave of customers. I ride around making sure no kids get separated from their family. Like an angel, I protect them from millions of other shoppers. Then I see him, the little boy is walking in between the crowd. I look around for the Pastor, then it hits me. Where is his mother? I see the Pastor looking for him in the crowd. I quickly go to the boy, but the Pastor beats me to him. Blocking him out of my sight, I watch as the crowd swallows them. Angrily I go and buy a chocolate donut to settle my disappointment. I try to spot them as I eat, searching every floor, and every store window in view from my seat. Then I get an idea. What if I just grab the boy and try to help him escape from the Pastor? Quickly I finish my donut and hop on my segway. Making sure my badge sparkles, I start my search.

Time flies by as I work on my rescue mission, people moving out of my way as I zoom by. I’m getting tired when I finally spot them. I rush in, feeling the donut pumping in my veins, and I grab the boy. Scared, he screams, and the Pastor comes rushing over. 

“Why did you grab him, Sir?” The Pastor seems in shock as he tries to figure out what happened.

“Where are his parents” I yell! I look to see the attention I’ve drawn, knowing they are about to witness me defeat a bad guy, and save a young boy.

“Please let go of me. I didn’t do anything.” The little boy starts to cry. 

“What did he do wrong? Let go of him!” The Pastor is starting to get angry as I stand there, holding the boy’s arm. 

“Where are his parents? He can’t be left unsupervised” I made sure to sound as tough as I could so that everyone would listen to me.

“That is my adopted son! Now let go of him!” I stopped as the Pastor said this. 

“If he is yours then why did I see him with another family not long ago?” I feel the heat come to my face. I know I’m right.

“I adopted him. His twin lives with his mom, but she could only keep one of them.” I watched the boy cry harder as he jerked his arm out of my hand, and ran away. The Pastor tried to go get him calling for him to come back. I stood there in shock as I got dirty, accusing looks from the watching crowd. I watched as the Pastor and his son walked out of the store. I ate a unicorn donut. 

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