Date Into the Woods by Makayla Snow

“Jess, do we have everything?”

“How am I supposed to know? You have the check list.”

I groaned and walked over to the bag of camping stuff and started checking everything off the list. I watched as Danny grabbed his camera and hooked it to his bookbag.

“Is that really necessary?”

“Yes. We might want to take pictures of cool looking trees.”

“You’re so stupid.”

“Jess, can you not be rude for once in your life.”

She rolled her eyes at me and went back to her phone. 

“Danny, please don’t add anymore things. We don’t want to over pack and lose things.”

He looked at his bag and took out one thing. His toothbrush. 

“No, Danny you need tha-”

I watched as he threw it in the trash and looked at me smiling. I sighed and zipped up the backpacks. 

“Okay, are we ready to go?” I looked at them and they were not paying attention at all. Jess was taking pictures and Danny was eating an ant. Ew. 

“Are you kids ready to go? “

“Yep, I have everything packed and we have all we need.”

“Okay. I’m proud of you guys. You guys are grown up.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Mom. It’s just camping. We are going to be behind the house in the forest.”

“I know but still. Danny please stop eating the ants.”

“But Bill Nye told me that it’s healthy.”

“Bill Nye didn’t- You know what, have at it kid.”

I watched as he smiled and went back to picking at the couch. 

“Here’s a walkie-talkie. Call me if you guys need anything, and I mean anything. “

“Yes, Mrs. Evans. We understand completely, we will be safe, we will call you, we will eat, we will go to sleep by 10, don’t worry.” Jess said as she was walking up to my mom and wrapping her arm around my mom’s shoulders. I rolled my eyes at her and looked over at Danny, and watched and he picked up two ants and put them in his mouth. I gagged. 

“Okay. We are ready to go. I’ll get the tent and the food bags. Jess, can you-”

I watched as she got up and walked away. I sighed and grabbed the rest of the bags. 

“Okay Danny. Let’s go.”

“But the ants!”

“There are more ants in the woods.”

His eyes widened and he sprinted out of the house like the flash. 

“Okay. Everything is set up.” I said out of breath. 

“Great. Now make us food please.”

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the pile of sticks and started to make a fire. I watched as smoke went into the air. 

“You need to be more careful. I can’t watch you and Danny.” I said as I wrapped Jess’s hand. 

“You don’t need to watch Danny. He eats bugs.”

I shook my head and packed up the first aid kit. 


We both looked over and saw Danny running towards us and hid behind us.

“What the hell, Danny! You scared the heck out of us.”

I looked at Danny and he was shaking and had tears in his eyes. 

“Jess, something really scared him.”

“I don’t care. He scared me!”

I rolled my eyes and walked up to Danny.

“What happened?”

He looked around frantically and tears fell from his eyes.

“D, please tell me what happened?”

He just shook his head and ran into the tent. I went to go after him but Jess grabbed my arm.

“Let him go be his weird self Amy. If you can’t get it out of him then stop trying. Now come on, I want food.”

I looked back at the tent and sighed. Jess and I were sitting by the fire, cooking hotdogs.

“Come In. Over.”

I grabbed the walkie-talkie.

“Yes mom.”

“Amy, you have to say over. Over.”

I rolled my eyes at her.

“Yes mom. Over.”

“How are you guys doing? Over.”

“We are okay. Just cooking hotdogs.”

“Just cooking what? Over.”

“Hotdogs. Over”

“Okay. you kids be safe. I’ll check in later. I love you. Over”

“Okay mom, we love you too.”



I slammed down the walkie-talkie. Jess looked over at me and laughed.

“I’m going to bed.”

I walked into the tent and saw that Danny was sleeping already. I layed down in my sleeping bag and fell asleep. I felt myself being moved and someone whispering my name. I opened my eyes and saw Danny was leaning over me.


“What do you want? I’m trying to sleep.”

“I heard something.”

“Come on Dan, you’re stupid but not that stupid. We are in the woods. You’re going to hear stuff.”

“But, I heard someone.”

“It’s probably Jess.”


“Go to sleep.”

I closed my eyes again and fell asleep. I woke up with the urge to pee really bad. I went to open my eyes when I heard someone talking and moving things around. 

“Why is she still up?” I got up and looked over and I saw Danny laying holding onto his blanket. I got up and went to get my shoes when my face dropped. Jess was sound asleep on the sleeping bag next to me. 


I looked over and Dan was sitting up looking at me. I kneeled down and covered his mouth.


I put my finger to my lips and waited till I didn’t hear anything. When I thought we were good, I walked out and saw that our cooler was gone and so was our campfire. How the hell do you steal fire? Danny walked out and started crying.

“What the hell is going on?”

Jess looked at me then at Dan.

“What is he crying about now?”

“We have been robbed!” Danny fell to his knees and cried harder. I rolled my eyes. 

“They took our cooler and the campfire.”

“How the hell do you steal fire?” 

“That’s what I said.”


We all froze and looked in the direction of the laugh. 

“Okay, we need to get out of here.”

“Well, well, well. What do we have here.”

Our eyes widen.




We looked over at Danny and rolled our eyes. Wow I roll my eyes a lot. 

“Anyway. I’m sorry but you guys are going to have to die.”

“What! Why? We didn’t do anything. We don’t even know you.”

“Nice try kid.”

Jess started crying and begging for her life. How are we seeing him? I thought he died. They said he died. As Jess was crying and begging, I looked over at Danny and he was taking pictures. 

“RUN!!!!!!” Jess yelled as she started running out of the woods. Me and Danny followed closely to her. As we were running, I heard him yelling at us to stop. 

“MOM!!!” I yelled as we made it to my house. 

“What happened?”

“There was this guy-he-stole-laughed-kill-.”

We were really out of breath and talking at the same time.

“Guys, one at a time.”

“We just saw Jeff Smith.”

“The guy who killed his whole family?”

“Yes, we just saw him.”

“Guys that is impossible. He died two years ago.”

“I know. That’s why it’s crazy but we did.”

“Guys, you are tired. Go up stairs and go to sleep.”

We all walked up and fell asleep. 

Amy’s mom sighed and grabbed the camera that Danny dropped. She clicked through them all and her face paled. She saw a picture of Jeff yelling at Jess. She knew that he died in prison, she just knew it. But then again, his body wasn’t in the casket.  

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