The Diamond Cave by Alex McCusker

Billy is a 13 year old boy. He turns 14 in a couple days. His mother wants him to grow up, and stop acting like a kid. Billy decides to hang out with his friends and go on a crazy adventure one last time. He texts all of his friends to come over to his house. He wants to have a meeting.

His friends all come over.

Juan asks, “What’s wrong?”

“My mom wants me to grow up. I can’t do anything fun anymore, so I texted all of you guys so we can go on one last adventure together.”

Gobert says, “Sounds good to me”.

They start to pack their bookbags up with flashlights, and food. They are preparing.

Billy says, “Okay, I know a location that has a cave, do you guys want to go there?”

They all say yes.

“Alright, we take a left from here, then go straight, then take a right. There will be a tiny opening that leads to a massive cave”.

Tyrone asks, “And how exactly do you know this?”

“One day I ran away and found it.”

“Alright no more questions, lets go.”

They begin their journey to the cave. On their way there they saw Juan’s parents. They wave to them, and then they sprint down the street so they aren’t seen by anyone else. They approach the cave. It is filled with darkness, no light is seen inside.

Billy says, “Did anyone bring any flashlights?”

 Juan says, “Yes, remember we brought some”.

They all start to unload their backpacks. They grab their flashlights and shine it inside the cave. They see bats hanging from the ceiling. They begin to walk in. The bats fly away as soon as they enter. Billy gets scared and drops his flashlight.

Gobert says, “Really Billy, they are just bats”.

“I’m sorry I can’t help it”.

They walk deeper into the cave. They find a wall with writings on it. It looks like ancient hieroglyphics. 

Juan says, “What are these things?”

Billy says, “I don’t know man, must be old though”.

They continue on their adventure. They find a hole full of bones. The bones have a bag stuck to them. The bag is full of paper. The boys go down into the hole and grab the bag. The paper has information about the cave. It says, “There is a golem at the entrance of the cave”.

Tyrone says, “But I don’t see any golems nearby”.

As soon as he said that, they heard a loud noise. It sounded like a louder lion. They all look around but see nothing. Then a shadow is cast on the ground near them. They look in that direction and see glowing eyes in the darkness. 

Billy says, “Uhh what is that?”

Tyrone says, “I don’t know, but I think I spoke too soon”.

They all start to run in the opposite direction of the eyes. Juan looks back and sees the golem run after them. They all begin to scream. The ground rumbles as the golem is running. Rocks fly in the air everywhere. They find a massive rock to hide behind.

They all ask at the same time, “What are we going to do?”

They all look around to see if they can find an exit. 

The golem says in a deep voice, “You can pass, but you must answer the riddle.”

Gobert yells, “What is the riddle?”

“What question can you never answer yes to?”

Billy says, “Oh I know this one, my mom used to say it all the time to me when I was little. It would help me sleep. The answer is are you asleep yet?”

“Good, you can now pass”.

They all cheer. They begin to pass and start to get excited. They start to see glowing things with different colors.

Juan asks, “What is that?”

Billy says, “I don’t know”.

They go farther into the cave and start to see more of them. Out of curiosity they pick one up, and it appears to be different gems. They found diamonds, rubys, emeralds, and sapphires.

Tyrone says, “Woah, this can make us rich”.

Billy says, “This must be why the golem was protecting this. This can keep us rich for our whole life!”

They all begin to cheer and scream on the top of their lungs. They start throwing the gems in the air as if it is money. They all take their backpacks off and start putting a bunch of gems in each. They want to take them home to their moms and make them proud.

They fill up all of their bags with gems. There are still plenty of gems left in the cave.

Gobert says, “Maybe we can come back here and grab some more”.

Billy says, “But remember, my mom won’t let me do this anymore. I have to grow up.”

Juan begins to say, “Yeah, but if our moms see this, I’m sure they will let us back.

They all begin to walk back to the exit. They walk past the golem and the golem stares at them. They begin to get scared again, so they start running.

They make it out and they see their moms driving around in a car looking for them. They all begin to scream to try and get their attention. The moms look over and drive over.

Billy’s mom says, “Where were you guys, we were worried.”

Billy says, “Mom, we found this cave with gems in it!”

They all open their bags and show them. All of their jaws drop.

Billy’s mom says, “We are rich!”

Everyone begins to cheer again. They are so excited to start a happier life. They will be able to buy anything they want from now on.

Billy’s mom says, “Even though you got this, this is the last time you’re doing this.”

Billy looks over at his friends and says, “Told you.”

They all begin to laugh.

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