CHARLIE by Cody Doorn

A few years ago, maybe two or three, my dad and friends summoned a demon in our living room. The friends that were with my dad were Indy and Kk, they were living in our basement at the time until they could find their own place, and as far as I know, summoning demons isn’t in the norm for them. Anyway, while me and my brother were asleep in our rooms, they were all in the living room hanging out, and at some point one of them, not sure who, got the idea of playing a game they found on the internet called “Charlie Charlie.” Basically the point of it is to set up a little ritual and summon a demon named Charlie and ask him for something, and of course my dad jokingly asked for money. Of course nothing happened, and I’m pretty sure none of them expected anything to happen. It was just a stupid internet game, right? Well, apparently Charlie didn’t get the whole “just a game” memo.
On the coffee table where they set up the game, there were faint handprints. My dad was confused, and thought the handprints belonged to one of us at first. So he called the girls up from the basement to come check out the handprints and me and my brother from our rooms.
“Hey, look at this!”
“What is it?”
“Whose handprint?” I asked
“I don’t know.”
We all compared the prints to our own hands, thinking it was probably just one of us, but the prints were too small to be my dad’s, and too big to be anyone else’s.
“What the hell?”
“Maybe it was Charlie?” Indy said jokingly
We all laughed, and after taking one more look at the handprints, we went on with our day.
But that wasn’t the only weird thing that happened. Our cats started acting up. They hissed at anyone who walked by. They would stare at the ground and just… growl, and then my brother, he kept waking up with long thin scratches up and down his back, and he was really afraid of going to sleep at night. By far the worst thing that happened though, was the bed bugs. Our house got infested with the damn things. It took an exterminator, bug bombs, and getting rid of all of our furniture to finally get rid of them.
I wish I could say that was all that happened, but of course, Charlie wasn’t done with us. I won’t go into depth about this one, it’s another story all on its own. The thing that happened after we came back from dealing with it though? That I can talk about. When we finally got home, after months of being away, we came back to find the sliding glass door shattered and a cinder block sitting in the middle of our living room! Of course I ran to my room to make sure none of my stuff was gone, and to my surprise, everything was how I left it. Whoever had broken into our house hadn’t stolen anything of value. Our TVs, our game consoles, and even the money my dad had been saving up for Christmas were all fine and untouched. You know what was stolen though? Spoons. Spoons, one crock pot, and our cat’s litter box. Thankfully nothing else that crazy has happened to us since. Everything looks like it’s getting better, but my dad is still upset
“After everything thats happened to us, Charlie had better give us that money I asked for!” My dad joked.
“He’d damn well better!” I replied.

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