Memoir of the Five Dwarves by Jada Dean

My friends and I set up a D&D session at one of their houses. D&D is a tabletop role-playing game where you play as a fictional character you create. Every D&D session has a Dungeon Master (also known as a DM). That’s the person who runs the session, chooses the story, plays as monsters and npc’s, etc. This was a new session with a new DM. To surprise him, we decided to all play as Dwarves. Our names were Dori, Bori, Nori, Kori, and Lori, and, yes, our characters are all siblings. 

After we explained the characters we created, we had a good laugh, and then Dungeon Master started setting up the board. He layed out a small town that’s near a shore. He explains that far beyond what the board can show to us, a huge mountain lies. Once we put our characters down, we started to wander to different buildings to understand the story of this town and who lived in it. 

One of the things that was in the center of the town was a tavern. We decided to stop by, maybe ask the locals some questions, and get a drink. Once we went in, Lori started to chat with the locals. Dori, Bori, and I (Nori) went to the bar. Dori scoffed as he realized the bartender was an elf. 

We sat at the bar and I waved the bartender over so Bori could order a drink. In the meantime, Dori decided to take off his bycocket style hat (think Robin Hood). Once the elf was done taking our order, he glanced at Dori and his hat and sneered. Dori noticed and said “Got a problem, elf?” 

The elf turned to him. “I know the kind of people who wear that hat, you don’t fit,” he mocked. 

Joseph (the person who’s controlling Dori) slammed his hand down on the board to mimic what Dori would do. “You sayin’ dwarves can’t be rangers? I’ll give you a taste of my bow if you don’t shut it!” he said. 

The elf gave a sly smirk, “Stupid dwarf. Elves make the best rangers. Everyone knows that.” 

Joseph yells at the DM “I throw myself at the elf!” he moves his character piece on top of the elf’s, “and I start punching him!” 

After I wrangled Dori off the elf and decided to leave before they got in another tussle, we went to the shore. 

A bit later, our characters got in a combat situation with someone who wanted to rob us. Once we took care of them, we searched his body and found that his robes had a symbol on it. Dori decided to keep the robes. We all split everything else we found on him. Suddenly, we heard noises coming from a nearby grove around a saltwater pond created by the ocean waves. We thought we would run into trouble, so we prepared ourselves for battle. Once we jumped in the grove, we were startled by what we saw.

A huge, red and orange dragon was waiting for our characters. I said to the DM that my character immediately starts questioning the dragon. The person who was controlling Bori wanted to fight the dragon, saying we shouldn’t converse with enemies. 

The DM listened to my questions, and (in a rugged voice to imitate how the dragon would talk) said that he was upset and anxious. 

We questioned why and he slowly explained, “My-my wife left a few days ago and she left me in charge of our egg.” We nodded for him to continue as I waved for Bori to put away his weapons. “I failed her. A group of people stole our egg. They wore hoods that covered their faces, and I was too slow to react,” the dragon looked down, shamefully, “and I’m terrified because- well, because my wife, you see, she’s so much bigger than me.” 

“You’re scared she’s gonna kill you because you lost her egg?” I questioned. The DM stops mimicking the dragon, signifying that he’s now talking out of character. 

“Basically, the mother dragon abuses her husband because of her god-complex,” he explains. We laughed a bit at the situation, but decided out of character that we’d help the poor dragon. 

Going back into character, Dori decided to return to a detail the dragon said. “You said they were wearing hoods, yeah? Well, did it look something like this one?” He pulls out the robe that the robber wore a bit earlier in the campaign. 

The dragon’s eyes lifted, “Yes! That’s it!” 

“It has a symbol,” Dori explained to the dragon, “It’s two daggers behind a dragon skull.” 

The dragon’s eyes widened, “That can only mean bad things,” he said. He took a moment to think. “Would you band of dwarves be ever so kind as to steal our egg back?” He looked at us hopefully, “There would be a reward, of course.” 

All of us huddled together and talked amongst each other. We stopped talking as Bori raised his head out of our group, looking at the dragon. “What kind of reward ye’ talk ‘bout?” he questioned. 

“My wife has a gold stash hidden not far from here,” he said, “I don’t think she’ll notice a small chunk missing.” he smiles at us. 

We huddle up again and land on the conclusion to help him. “Where do we go?” I ask the dragon. 

“Ah, I’m not too sure about that actually…” he looks sad for a moment before Lori finally decides to pipe up. 

“Oh, I forgot to mention that the locals told me that a secluded cult lives in the big mountain,” he says confidently. Everyone at the board looks at the person who plays Lori. 

“You could’ve mentioned that earlier!” we all shout at them as the DM laughs.

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