Untitled by Liberty Bonjour

Hi, I am Liberty. I am 14 and I will be telling you about some things involving me, my brother and my family. My brother and I have been close since we were little. My brother is currently in the Army. I will say one of the hardest things for me was when he left for basic training. 

It affected me emotionally and made a significant impact on my life since He’s my best friend. When we left to drop him off, it was an incredibly sad and happy moment.  He was going toward his goals and I would miss him. He left for his basic training, and I got a call about three days afterward. He seemed sad and angry. He proceeded to say that there was a virus on the news. We looked, and he then said we will not be able to see him until after Christmas.

 I was incredibly sad because it would be a year before I could see him again. About 10 later he called and told me that he was getting his leave and we could finally see him. I was so happy. About 2 months later, he came home. We picked him up from the airport, and at first glance, I saw a military uniform, and I started to bawl my eyes out with joy. I ran up to see him and hugged him. That night we had a party. it was so fun we had ice cream and chips and stayed up all night watching TV The time flew by so fast it felt like the next day he had to leave. We got him all packed up the next day he left we dropped him off at the airport and I cried because I knew since COVID we would not see him for a long time. He calls about a month later super excited because he got his first duty station. I was so happy. I asked where it was, The funny thing it was where me and him grew up: Fort Riley Kansas. He went to Kansas for about 5/6 weeks, then I get another call, and he said He’s getting stationed in Poland, and at that time, I realized it would be almost a year before I could see him again. I was so sad, and I did not want him to go, but it’s what he had to-do. He is still currently in Poland and has been for about a year. I have not seen him for over a year. I am very emotional writing this. I’m hoping I will be able to see him soon, he should come home in November, but covid is most likely going to change that.

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