Microfiction By: Aubrey Lackey


A cold breath of death trickling up my spine as I hear its voice repeating constantly at different volumes. It is a mystery. It is a figment of my imagination. It is never-ending. “Aubrey,” “AUBREY,” over and over. An entity either caused by protection or a devil on my shoulder. I hear it call out to me in the middle of the symphony that is blasting in my car, yet I can’t seem to find the source of this monstrosity. Crazy must run in the family, because I am convinced that is what’s happening to me. Please leave me be. 

Best Yard Ever  

Sparkles surrounded me as I bent down to say hello. In my yard filled with trees and grass I like to roam. One day when I decided to soak in the sun I heard a voice beside me saying, “hurry, we have to hide before she sees us!” I looked around trying to find the voice when I came upon a small hut. I opened the tiny door and peeked in. To my surprise a fairy family was there trembling with fear. I stuck my pinky out, shook their hands, and promised they were safe with me. Best yard ever. 


The crisp air enveloped me as I sat to cleanse the crystals the Earth has given me.The colors were brilliant on these rocks that grounded me. The moon was over me and the precious entities. The cleanse began with positive vibes and good thoughts spoken from me to encourage the work the crystals would do for me. Crazy rocks, a placebo to most, were a calming outlet for me. Tiger’s eye, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline surrounded me in a loving way, full of hope and a vibrant energy. In a world full of bad, cleansing helps me find my serenity. 

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