Microfiction by Harly Didawick


The restaurant sat in silence as expensive wine slowly flew through the air. With broken glass in tiny pieces on the floor, everyone was afraid to move. The waitress and guest checked to make sure they both were okay. They rose from the cold floor, stopped and gazed into one another’s soft baby blue eyes. This moment looked as if it was meant to be. The waitress started turning tomato red. She seemed to be flattered. Eye contact was lost, smiles appeared on their faces, and a connection was made to last a lifetime. 

Mysterious Whine

The sweet smell of rain lingered in the air as we walked down the dark path. Everything was silent, with only the occasional sound of birds singing. We approached the end of the path, a sudden whispering whine came from the woods behind us. With heart beats you could hear from a mile away, we slowly turned around. The whine continued, but as we walked down the path, it began to sound closer. Laying in the dark forest was a distressed puppy. We picked it up from the forest floor, and took it to safety. We named him Rucker!


The piercing sound of howling wolves echoed through the narrow hallway, suddenly waking him from his sleep. Seconds passed as the sound began to intensify. With curiosity sprinting through his veins, he jumped up from the bed and began to cautiously walk down the hall. Approaching the end of the hallway, a sudden bang began on the front door. After a few minutes of banging on the front door, it began to open as tears began to fill his eyes. As the figure rounded the corner, he began to laugh. His dad playing a prank on him.

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