Microfiction by Cody Doorn

There he was, in the middle of the road, standing there like he was daring me to hit him. I slammed my foot onto the gas pedal, the tires screeched as they sped towards the axe wielding figure in front of them. It was like time had slowed down. Everything moved at such a sluggish pace, from when my car hit the man, to when it lost control and swerved off the road, slamming into a tree. I coughed up some blood. The bitter metallic taste brought me back to my senses, finally it was over, the man was dead.

                                                                A Good Laugh
I laughed so hard, it just poured out of me, and no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t stop the flow. Tears streamed down my cheeks, the people around me were talking, but I couldn’t hear them. It was like they were whispering, but they weren’t. I couldn’t move. My arms were trapped. The room was so bright, so white. The people around me looked so concerned. One of them was laying down. Was he tired? Did he fall asleep? I felt something sharp poke my neck, everything was getting blurry, I was laughing so hard.

                                                            A Call In The Dark
Something was calling out to me. It was so mesmerizing, so beautiful! I dropped my sword and swam for what felt like forever, but I wasn’t tired. My armor didn’t weigh me down at all.  Whatever this voice was, it gave me the strength to keep swimming. Its call echoing through the dark night, what was this? I had never heard or felt anything like this before! Finally, I reached shore. I felt the sand between my fingers, felt the light ocean breeze on my face, and saw the bones scattered all over. Human bones, and then I felt its claws.

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