Microfiction by: Gage Banks

Charred Limbs

 Decades of growth led to a beautiful forest blossoming along the clouds. Shrubbery, so vibrant yet calm. Footsteps among the wood are not heard, but felt under the ground through thousands of sap-filled veins. Elder trees speaking through the roots, telling tales of fallen friends. Some speak of men with spinning maws. Maws biting and ripping the flesh and bone of wooded kin, leaving a spray of arboreal viscera. Limbs split in twain, burnt to ash like old garbage. Minutes of pain, thrown to the ever-hungry flame. No stories to tell, only crackles of charred limbs torn from elder trees. 


Sap boy was a young boy. He was told he had many years before he’d be a big ol’ tree like pap. He didn’t want to wait, sadly, and stressed himself out. Sap boy, on the brink of death, was luckily found by a human. The human was concerned. She watered him daily, even being sure to give the boy extra nutrients via fertilizer. Now, Sap boy is a big ol’ tree like pap due to patience and care from humans. Sap boy is happy. The lesson goes to show, pappy tree always knows best. Patience is best.

The Frog

Frogbert the frog is very fast. He hates going slow. If Frogbert slows down, he thinks he will die. Frogbert is like a shark. A bouncy shark. Frogbert the shark is very direct. He does not waste time with riddles, like an owl would riddle to Frogbert. The owl told Frogbert a riddle about the dangerous waters ahead, and he did not listen. Frogbert the owl-hating shark found the said waters, and not heeding to the riddle, jumped into the water. Frogbert the owl-hating shark was now a fish to the gators below, and was eaten like one. The end.

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