Microfiction by Journey Mongold

The First Day of School

Amy stepped out of her car onto the blacktop. “I hate being at school,” Amy mumbled as she walked into the classroom. It was the first day of freshman year and Amy was already dreading the thoughts of early mornings and piles of classwork. Amy wondered how it was already the end of summer. It just seemed to fly by. The bell rang, Amy loudly exhaled. Here we go. The school year has officially begun. “Happy first day,” Amy told the class.  ”Of course you know me as your history teacher”. “Hello Mrs Amy” the class replied.   

      The Chase

Adian rushed through the woods. He was being chased by a killer. He did his best to ignore the fact he could die at any second. Adian got anxious about where he had to stop running and turn around. He turned around to see that the killer was right behind him. The killer raised his hand, which held a sharp, “bloody red knife”. Adian was so shocked he froze. He waited for the knife to strike down, but everything turned black. Adian’s Mom had unplugged the television and said, “I told you that you need to clean your room”.


Alaya was feeling uncomfortable as she kept on turning around to see a man staring at her. She doesn’t know what else to do other than walk away. As she’s walking away, she calls him a “pervert” and continues to walk down the sidewalk. A man hears Alaya call the strange man a pervert, so the older man decides to walk over to him. As he approaches the man, he pats him on the shoulder and says “Come on son”. The blind man reaches into his pocket and grabs a little box. He pushes the button, which unfolds his cane.

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