Microfiction by: Justice Beers

His Ghost

She gave him her all. Transformed everything about herself to be someone he would take pleasure in. She got her serenity from him, and that was wrecked once she was told she was merely a pawn in his game of chess. She was left alone, no longer enslaved for him. The girl could not link herself to a purpose. Every night she laid within her covers, trying to feel the presence of his ghost. He was not dead, but she was dead to him; so he was merely no more than a ghost who haunted her once the twilight came. 


After rain comes a rainbow, we hear that quote all the time, but is it true? The pain comes, the sorrow comes, yet will it go away? Why would the pain go away just because a set of colorful rays streamed across the sky? The rain still happens. Even if a rainbow follows, the sorrow will stick with you even if you get a brief moment of satisfaction afterwards. Jane had been pondering this as water droplets clashed to her delicate skin, yet suddenly the water stopped as an array of colors crossed the sky; indeed it was a rainbow.


Amber screamed in agony as his teeth sunk into her neck. She had presumed she went on a date with a normal gentleman, but he was a vampire who only desired her blood, not her. After he had been sucking the blood out of her body for an eternity, she felt her body collapse and hit the floor as she saw a vision of stars. Amber thought this was her meeting with death before her eyes opened as she woke up. It took her a moment to realize what his venom did to her, he had turned her into a blood-sucking vampire.

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