Microfiction by Leasah Hutchinson


Run! My hands trembled as I flung the car door open and darted for shelter. I had to find a place to hide from him, anywhere to get away from him. He was following me, and I could hear his breathing as he struggled to keep up. A house appeared on the horizon, and I knew I’d be safe soon. “Ouch,” I tripped, I was done for. He approached slowly at first and then pounced at me. I covered my face to shield myself from his licks. He wagged his tail, happy to see me defeated.  

Trick Shot 

I fell to the ground as soon as it hit me. It was cold when it hit my skin, but I couldn’t feel any pain from it. I layed still on the ground as my brother’s laughter filled the air. Their laughter soon turned into screaming. I could hear their footsteps as they approached my still body. Isaiah’s voice was quiet at first but soon rose as he shouted, “Leasah, stop being dramatic it was only a water gun.” I laughed as I turned on my back and shot him. “Got ya!”


Lilly prayed the lake wouldn’t have frozen over, but of course it did. She knew they would dare her to run across. That’s why she wasn’t unprepared when they told her the dare. All this week, after school, she came to the frozen lake and ran across it. She remembered her practice runs as she stepped up to the edge of the lake and took off across the icy surface. Half way across, she tripped. When she stood back up, she heard a crack. Whoosh, her body fell straight into the ice water, and she was never seen again. 

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