Microfiction by Toby Vance

Playing Guitar

This Morning before school, I decided I was going to play on my Electric Guitar. I took a break from it for a long time. I have been playing Highway To Hell by ACDC for almost the whole time I’ve had my guitar. I said “You know what? I’m going to learn Symphony Of Destruction by Megadeth!”, and so I practiced for a while this morning. Yes, It was at 5:30 in the morning, and no I didn’t wake anybody up. I was so happy that I somewhat got the intro/beginning of the song down. Finally after months.


Opossums are my favorite animal. I think they are so freaking cute. Their faces look so squishable. I do wish I had a pet opossum. I would name him Yosemite, which is also the name of my stuffed animal opossum. I keep him up on my shelf in my closet. He looks down at me when I get clothes out of my closet. He has a curled tail, and can hang from my finger. I’ve seen videos of Opossums chowing down on grapes. I can heavily relate to that because I love grapes. I want to pet one so bad.

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