Robbery Turned to Misery by: Justice Beers

The group of rambunctious teenagers hopped up and down, giggling down the corridors of the high school building. They had gotten into the building by cracking a window open earlier that day. The juveniles had a plan, ready to steal from the teacher who’s caused them quivering pain throughout the school year.

Stealing had become a trend on a platform called TikTok, more often called  ‘devious lick’. Stealing stuff from your school was a way to go viral, and these teens were ready to risk it all for some fame and revenge. A certain teacher had ticked the group off. He had been belligerent to them over the course of the short year, and the students were ready to steal his smart board. They had brought tools to detach it off the wall. It would belong to them now.

Heading up the stairwell, they heard nothing but silence, their own excitement being the only form of energy in the air. They were safe. No one should be on school grounds at this hour. As they arose to the second level, the hallway felt like it was closing in. It was just an illusion; it had to be. The slight risk of getting caught caused red to flush to their cheeks, but a little last-minute nerves would not cause them to back down.

One of the girls, Justine, cracked the door open that led to Mr. Cugan’s room. She despised him because she was a target in the class. So now she’s targeting his smartboard (which he only uses to play Bob Ross clips). The others followed Justine in, collapsing near the desks as they reached into their duffel bags to sort out the tools to disassemble the smartboard. One of the stronger students, Louis, got up and wiggled his arms behind the smartboard to take it off with a wrench. He cranked the knobs and eventually the board fell down against the tile flooring. What was revealed next astonished them all.

An array of pictures and colored string coated the wall. Their recently murdered friend’s face was posted on the wall with a string attached to the photograph of her corpse, which had endured 12 stab wounds. The group’s mouths gaped open at the sight. Their friend was dead, and many of them were next. Justine’s face was posted on the wall, a bloody handprint was over her face with the words ‘next target’ above her photograph. Serena, Audrey and George were listing on a sheet indicating that he is planning to murder them soon. Other people, from varying age groups had been posted with their corpses. Mr. Cugan was a murderer, and these teenangers had discovered his dark side.

Noises echoed through the halls shortly after they had finished analyzing the discovery. Perhaps it was the severe amount of paranoia, or perhaps the group was actually not alone. “What was that!” George whisper-shouted to make sure he was not just delusional. He had always been a coward. He was reacting as if he was a cat being dunked into water. 

Serena rolled her eyes back in a state of annoyance, “It was nothing George. It was probably some air conditioning. You should care more that our teacher is a fucking murderer!” Which probably was a good call on her part. The majority of them were on his hitlist, and his schedule made it so they would be deceased by the year’s end. 

Suddenly the beeping noise of the school’s poor quality intercom went off. Someone had triggered it to make an announcement. Was someone here? Following the beep was the loudest silence ever, yet it still caused shivers to ascend down the group’s spines. Serena was wrong, the noise was not the triggering of the air conditioning. The intercom beeped again, insisting that the announcement was over.
“We need to get out of here.” Audrey calmly mumbled to the group, trying to seem chill despite the cold sweating of her palms. They had to be rational. The fear could not take over. More noises approached. It was just paranoia, right?

“What if someone is out there?” George questioned with wide eyes.

Serena scoffed once again. She had made her distaste for George clear, yet he could not resist but to be head over heels for her. “You are such a big baby. I’ll scout the hallway for you.” With that she got up and stormed out of the room, shutting the wooden door behind her.

The hallway was quiet and gloomy as she took a brief stroll, trying to prove to herself and the others that there was no cause for concern. They appeared to be safe. The floor creaked as she turned around to make it back to Mr. Cugan’s classroom. One foot in front of the other, slowly and silently to assure her safety. She made it to the door, beginning to turn the door knob. A sizzling feeling of pain hit her throat, and she barely had time to place it as the blade pulled past her neck. She fell to the ground, laying in a pool of her own blood as she used her final strength to look at her killer, Mr. Cugan. She attempted to warn the others, yet she was inaudible.

The door creaked open slowly, “Serena?” Justine questioned as the door moved slower, almost as a ghost was guiding it open.

“Serena’s dead.” a man bellowed in a comically deep voice, he was evidently amused. Mr. Cugan stepped into the room, revealing himself to the four remaining teenangers.
“Mr. Cugan!” Louis exclaimed in shock, yet there was no time for him to be shocked when Mr. Cugan began lunging towards the group with the same blade he used to kill Serena. Louis and George had made the bold decision to dart out once his attention was shifted to the two girls, trampling Serena’s body to make it to an exit. Mr. Cugan cackled as he caught Justine in a moment of vulnerability, using the blade to slice her throat before wedging it into her heart, causing the girl’s eyes to roll back as her soul left her body. He had drawn blood once again.

He grabbed her and shoved her in her assigned desk in the classroom, grinning out of pleasure at the sight of his work, “Won’t be getting out of your seat now, will you Justine?” It is true, she had a poor habit of exploring the classroom. Mr. Cugan finally got what he wanted, the girl secured in her seat for ‘eternity’. His revenge on Justine would be his downfall as Audrey came from behind, whacking him in the head with a stapler. He lost his balance, which caused him to release the knife long enough for her to snatch it and plung it into his heart, giving him the same fate as her dear friends, Serena and Justine.

After her brave act, Audrey’s eyes then leaked tears as she took a moment to process the scenery around her, two of her friends deceased, two of them disappeared, and her teacher’s blood on her hands. This ‘devious lick’ was not worth it.

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