Tasty by Leasah Hutchinson

The street was quiet, and I could follow my own footsteps. I walked up to the old blue house. I walked through the gate and stumbled. My red cape wrapped around the fence. I groaned, while picking up my basket, and pushing the cookies back into it. Finally, I reached the door and screamed as a hairy man appeared in the doorway.  

“It’s scary looking isn’t it,” the man said with an evil grin. 

“Yes, it is,” I exclaimed with a laugh. “We are definitely going to win the best dressed couple.” 

“I still think everyone else will have the same idea. Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf isn’t too creative,” he teased. 

“We will! I doubt anyone else has this idea,” I proudly stated. He laughed as soon as I said it. “Why are you laughing?” 

“Why do you always gotta be so proud,” he smiled mischievously, “and stubborn.” 

“Stubborn! Who are you calling stubborn?” I screamed. 

“You are stubborn, and you smell,” he laughed as he walked out the door. 

“Whatever,” I said annoyed. “Where are your teeth?” 

“In my mouth, see,” he opened his mouth to show me. 

“Gross, why are they so big?” I teased. 

“The better to eat you with.” He grinned and ran after me. I laughed as I ran away from him. I heard his footsteps behind me and screeched as he grabbed me. 

“Ouch! What the hell are you doing, Richard,” I said as soon as I felt his teeth pierce through my skin. I pushed away and touched the place where I could feel the blood rushing out. I looked at my hand to make sure it was actually bleeding, and it was. 

“You taste good,” Richard laughed.

“I’m bleeding, you idiot,” I said as I started to walk away.

“Don’t be mad Liz.” He jogged to catch up to me. 

“I’ll get you back,” I said, turning to face him. He grinned at me and walked into the old white church. The usually quiet church was filled with loud teenagers. Each one dressed up as different people and characters. I was relieved to see no else had come up with my idea.

“Food, I’m starving,” I yelled to Richard. He rolled his eyes and we made our way over to the food stand. I ordered fries and a strawberry milkshake. “Aren’t you going to get anything?” 

He leaned in close and whispered, “You’re the only thing I’m hungry for.” What a weird compliment, I thought while making a confused face. “Learn to take a compliment.” He said as he walked to his friends. I ate my fries and then went to dance with my friends. Finally it was time for the best dressed couple to be announced. I made my way to Richard and held his hand tightly. 

“The best dressed couple is…” I waited anxiously for him to announce it, “Lizzy and Richard.” I screamed as soon as he said our names. We started to make our way up the stairs. I felt someone’s foot trip me. I caught myself quickly while everyone else gasped. When I stood back up I looked to see who had tripped me. The only person near me was Richard. 

“You should be more careful,” he said with a raspy voice. I stared, shocked, but he just smiled and kept walking, pulling me with him. Why did he say it like that? Once we got to the stage, the crowns were placed on our heads. The rest of the party was all a blur of lights and music. Richard and I were one of the last to leave. 

“Wasn’t that fun,” I asked as we walked home. 

“I guess,” Richard said while staring ahead. 

“What’s wrong with you?” I turned to see what he was looking at, but all I saw was a car. “Ahhh,” I screamed as I was pushed out in front of it. Luckily the car swerved, and the driver yelled at me then drove away. 

“Are you trying to kill me tonight,” I asked while still in shock.

“Maybe,” he said, reaching for his pocket. I almost yelled when I saw what he was pulling out. It was a butcher knife. I wasn’t sure why or how, but I started to run down the street. He was close behind me when I ran to a nearby house. I pounded on the door, but no one answered. Of course they wouldn’t, everyone was still out trick or treating. He climbed up the porch, and I jumped off the side. Why couldn’t this neighbor trick or treat here? I ran into a garage that was left open and hid under a sheet. Gosh, how stupid am I? I just trapped myself. His footsteps got closer and closer to me. He knew exactly where I was hiding, and there was no way I could run past him. The sheet shuffled a little, but I couldn’t tell if it was the wind on Richard. I screeched as the sheet was pulled off me. He raised his arm as he was about to strike me with the knife. Quickly, I pushed him to the ground and grabbed the knife away from him. He screamed and tried to run, but I was able to stab him twice before he could. 

It has been 2 weeks since I was attacked, and I still am not sure why it all happened. I thought about it as I cooked my breakfast. What could have caused him to attack me like that? Shaking my head, I sat down and sunk my teeth into my breakfast. I smiled to myself while I devoured Richard’s forearm. 

“The better to eat you with,” I whispered as I bit into a juicy piece. 

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