The Kidnapping Mishap by: Liberty Bonjour

I woke up in a cold sweat. I hear a door creek open. “Hello, is anyone there” I ask? No response. I get up to walk towards the door. I gasp. I’m chained up to the wall. Suddenly, a bright light blinds me. I see a woman in a white church dress; she asks for my name. I lie and say “Jessica and you?” She gives no response, and she turns the light off and leaves. 5 hours later, I hear her again. She comes up to me and asks my name. I say, “My real name is Layla and you? No response. She hands me a plate with a slice of bread and a glass of water. I take a drink because I feel dehydrated. I ask her how long I have been here. She said 4 weeks. I gasp. “Oh no” I yell. “My family is going to be worried.” 

“Your parents never loved you anyways. They won’t miss you,” she says.  

I cry in sorrow, “please let me go. I need to let my family know I’m ok.  “To hell with you! I will find a way to get away whether you like it or not.”  

Later that night she tells me she will be leaving to go to the store. She wants me to stay right still and not move. I wait for her to leave. Suddenly, I jump up and run to the door. “It’s unlocked,” I whisper to myself. I wait until I hear the car leave. I run out the door. “I’m in a cabin” I say to myself, “oh my lord, there’s human heads hung on the wall.”  

I suddenly realize she will murder me when she gets back. I run around and find the exit. “YES!” I scream I run out the door, and I smell freedom. “AHHHHHH!” Suddenly I started falling off a cliff. I hit water. I swim till I find shore. I’m finally free. I can go home. I start running toward the forest. I walk for about a mile. Suddenly, I hear a loud bang, and I see my life flash before my eyes. “OUCH” I yell. I start crying “help, help, help.” I’ve been shot. I see a man walk up to me. He picks me up. He looks shocked. He takes me to a truck, and he drives to the nearest hospital. When I get there, I see my mother and father. I scream with joy. 

“MOM! DAD! I’m so happy to see you.”  

“Where were you?” mom asked, “we were worried sick.” I get immediate attention after that. The bullet only skimmed my legs. I need stitches but nothing else. I finally get to go home. On the drive home, my mom said I am officially not allowed to do anything ever again until this case is solved. The FBI shows up at my house as soon as we pull in. “We need to ask you some questions,” the agents helped me into a big black SUV. We drove to their office, and they lead me to an investigation room.  

I see the lady who kidnapped me. I scream and run off. “HEY!” I got yelled at. “It was a joke “  

“What ?” I ask my mom.  

“I did this for a “test, mom says.  

“What, Why?”   

“It was so you can be in the FBI when you turn 18 like you wanted.” 

 “It’s the program you signed up for last fall, remember?”  

I started crying. “That was so scary, I’m so glad I’m home. Let’s go get ice cream.” 

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