The Third Day by Journey Mongold

Ruby jumped from her bed. She awoke from a loud cat meow as if it got murdered. She felt an odd breeze that came from her open window. She could barely move her body because of the shock she was in. She questioned if she should lie back down or go downstairs to investigate. Seconds passed as she stood in the unlit room.  She lifted her right foot and placed it in a certain spot on the old wooden floor. She continued to do the same with the left. One after the other. She had to do this so she wouldn’t wake her baby from the squeaky parts of the floor.

Carefully Ruby entered through the doorway into the cold mucky hallway. She scuffed her feet slowly to the top of the staircase. She stood at the edge of the staircase. Ruby took in a deep breath and took her first step. She slowly proceeded down the stairs, sweat began to drip off her forehead as she got closer to the bottom of the stairs, as she started to reach the last few steps, she started to get anxious. She quietly tip-toed the last few steps.

Ruby settled her feet onto the cold floor. She turned her head back and forth before she decided to move any further. She shuffled her feet as lightly as she could while she was inspecting the house. Nothing was wrong in the house. She started to question if maybe it was in her head since she was in the dream zone when she awoke. Ruby wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong, so she decided to examine the outside of her house.

She walked her way over to the front door. Her body had begun to tremble as she reached out her hand to grab the knob. The wind blew a breeze which caused a tree branch to screech across her window. Ruby yanked back her hand in fear. She fell to the ground trying to regroup herself. “Tick tick tick tick tick” the clock repeats, as she sits in silence trying to think if she should quickly open the door or just leave it alone. 

As she sat in her thoughts, several minutes passed. Ruby decided to just go for it. She unraveled her legs from being crossed and leaned forward to stand. Chills radiate up her spine as she reached for the knob once again, but this time she would be quick. Ruby quickly turned the lock and slid her hand down to grab the knob. She turned it very slow as if she might hesitate in mid-action. 

The knob would no longer turn. Ruby had realized “this is it”. “Swoosh” as she swings the door open. The cold breeze blew into the house. The tree branches shaking up and down, but no other noises could be heard. Ruby takes her first step outside onto the doormat. One step after another, so she could get a better look and listen. “Thump!”, “Oh my gosh!” Ruby exclaimed. She hit her foot on a dead black cat with its guts spread all over the sidewalk, which led to the front door.

Ruby rapidly turned and ran inside almost tripping over the door mat. She managed to make it in and slam the door. She ran upstairs without a care if she stepped on the creeks of the floor or not. She slowly entered her bedroom. Her eyes were caught on the curtains as the breeze blew through them. She was wondering what or who had opened the window. It started to creep her out even more by the thought of someone or something being in her house. Her mind automatically went to her baby. She rushed to the crib and leaned in. She noticed the baby had been uncovered. Ruby didn’t think too hard on it, because she assumed the baby kicked until the covers flew off.

Her body was aching from going through all the shaking and horror. At the time her mentality was actually calm, so she picked herself up and walked over to the front of her bed and jumped right into it. The night went quickly. The baby nor Ruby woke.

It was eight in the morning. Ruby woke up to the baby laughing. She turned over to see the baby clamping her hands together and still laughing at nothing. She found it very suspicious. She again ignored it and went on about her day doing her usual. The day went by as most of her days did, boring but quick. Nothing too exciting. The night awoke as her eyes drifted asleep. 

“Meow!”. There she was awoken again about the same time as the last. Her fingers trembled across her sheets as she realized the window was open again with the same breeze that entered the night before. Without hesitation, she rushed to her door. Ruby strutted every other stair to race to the bottom. Looking up from her feet once she reached the bottom. 

With her socks, she slid from the bottom of the staircase all the way to her front door. Before she could even take in a deep breath, she unlocked the door and pulled it open. She already knew right then and there where to look. She saw another black cat just as the last was stacked on top of the other decaying one. She simply couldn’t handle the pressure. The night was cold, breezy, but quite starry.

Ruby took in a breath of fresh air. As she released her breath she stepped inside, closing the door as if nothing had happened. She locked the door, stepped into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water from the fridge. She felt drained and dehydrated from all the sweat that ran down her face. She chugged the water and sat the glass in the sink. She gave a last look around the kitchen as she exits.

She took large strides up the stairs and into her bedroom. The first thing she did was check on the baby. She noticed the baby was once again uncovered. At this point she didn’t have a worry in the world, because she thought it was some dumb prank. She laid in her bed and fell fast asleep. 

That morning came bright and early. Of course the same thing happened just as it did the morning before. She awoke from the baby that mysteriously cooed and laughed at absolutely nothing. She stood up and picked up her baby, saying “What is going on with you” she said in a nice and bubbly voice. Ruby was quite happy and pushed off what had happened the past few nights and odd mornings. Again her day went on pretty casually, nothing too exciting to write a report about. The third night was a different story. As the night came, it felt as normal as the last, but this time Ruby awoke from her window, slamming shut.

She was indeed in shock, more than shock. She shook rapidly as she laid in her bed. Her mind went straight to her baby. She rolled up and out of her bed in a hurry. Her eyes focused on the crib. The baby was gone. Her mouth dropped along with her heart. She rushed downstairs. She skipped to the door to see anyone or anything that may be around. 

Ruby opened the door to see something she would have never thought. Something that couldn’t even be imagined. Her baby was sitting on the sidewalk with three cats stacked dead. Her baby had murdered the cats every night as Ruby had been sleeping. Ruby had realizations that flooded her mind. “That’s why the window was open”, “That’s why the baby was always unraveled in the mornings” and “That explains the dead cats”. 

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