Untitled by Kaytlyn Spates

 Whispers called his name over and over as he wandered past the old pews. The floors of the church are coated in a thick, rusty, red substance. He could hear his shuddered breathing. As he slid along the wall, the whispering grew louder. Regret soon filled his mind as the walls began shifting into something pulsing with life. The walls took on a fleshie form, quivering around him. The moist texture of exposed flesh, tendons  and muscle dragged across his bare skin. Eyes blossomed where windows should have been, blinking away the thick red film that covered the irises.

As he neared the next room, a scream cut through the air. His blood ran and the hair of the nape of his neck rose. The voice gargled and bubbled away it’s terror as it faded into silent pleads of death.

Now wading across the gunk and out of the flesh hall, he stifled his gasp of horror as his gaze fell onto a mucky black figure of a woman Her body lay on boards covered in blood mixed with chunks of skin, tendon, and bone. Heads dangled from the ceiling, eyes ripped from their soulless sockets. “Oh God.” The sight that lay before him made his stomach churn and acid rise in the back of his throat. Limbs of creatures stuck in places where the wooden walls of the chapel grew soft from mold. Heads danced around as a gust of air that carried the stench of stagnant death floated through the building.

His heartbeat pounding in his own ears, he backed away, searching for a way to escape. His chest tightened as panic coursed through his body. Swiftly making his way through the mess of flesh and muscle. He desperately reached for the chapel’s doors. The sound of wet flesh and bones being dragged across the floor got louder and louder as it approached him. Cold, boney, damp hands caressed his shoulders, Flesh that did not belong on the creature’s body sagged as it threw him onto the pulsating floor. He screamed as the horror hovered over him, skin draped over wet muscle sagged, the eyes molded over as teeth stained in  rusted red chattered. 

Long mangled  fingers ripped flesh from bone as the creature began to dig its nasty dirt covered nails into his skin. Pulling the man’s eyes from his sockets, the muscles and tendons made a snotty snap. Once the layer of skin was separated from the muscles that kept the meat on bones the beast slowly slipped the gushie casing over the old. 

Dishes clinked together as she gently set them into the drainer. She was getting worried because her husband had been out much longer than he said he would be. But as the lock clicked to the front door, her worries subsided.

“Did you find out what was getting to the lambs?”

Her question was met with silence, She figured he’d be tired. She didn’t expect him to be this quiet. Nonetheless she let it slide. As hands gingerly made their way across her hips, she hummed to him. But the loving tender moment slowly turned to something more cruel.

She was stunned as her husband dug his nails into her sides, Skin sagged from the eye sockets of the man she once loved. A whale of horror built in her throat, but the creature got to her before she could scream. A dying scream passed through her lips as her once beloved husband ripped the vocal cords from her throat. 

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