Untitled by Selena Garcia

I watched him through the binoculars. I had been sitting across the street from his office all day. He looked so successful, the father of my daughter, in his suit and tie. He cast an intimidating shadow. His stride denoted power and confidence. It was one of the reasons why I fell in love with him in the first place.

The rope, pliers, and hammer were tucked away in the corner of my trunk. He would be meeting all of them soon enough. I wasn’t scared of the future that awaited the both of us, but I knew that if everything went smoothly and according to plan, only one of us would truly get to live to see it. As long as he ended up dead, everything would return back to normal and be okay, just me and her, and no more cheating scum.                                                                                                                                                                                           

I’ve never planned a murder before. I’ve never even so much as thought about it, but for some reason I knew that nothing was going to stop me from finishing him. The very man I loved more than anything in the world, the very man who gave up his family just to be with a college freshman. Nothing could disgust me more than when the girl came to me crying saying she didn’t know whom else to go to. It left me no choice but to get revenge for the girl, for myself, and to finally rid the world of a selfish asshole. Nothing was going to stop me. 

Stalking up the stairs. Quite so no one could hear.I would not want to be caught and have to wait. Life from this day forward would be better for my daughter and myself. The rope hung loosely around my neck as I carried the pliers and hammer behind my back. I knew he was a heavy sleeper, so opening and closing the door without waking him wasn’t a problem, but sneaking the girl out of his room was. I gave her the signal to leave the room, but she just nodded and stood still. If she didn’t leave, my plan would be ruined, so I grabbed her arm and drug her out of the room as silently as I could. “You need to leave right now. You’ve helped me a lot, but now I must deal with him on my own.” I whispered out in the hotel hallway. She almost looked ready to fight me, but she walked away. 

This was my one chance, so I snuck back into the room and grabbed the ropes. Tying him up was the very first step. I crept to the bed and began to tie a knot around the bedpost, starting with his feet and then moving up to his hands. He shifted in his sleep and almost woke up, but luck was on my side. He went back to sleep, not noticing a thing. Once he was all tied up, I knew it was time to wake him up. I picked up the pliers and went over to his left hand. A beautiful gold band decorated his ring finger as a sign of our marriage. Adjusting his finger so the pliers came behind the ring at the very bottom of his finger, I snapped and pushed down hard. The bloody finger fell to the floor while he woke up with a blood curdling scream. Snapping off his ring finger, the finger of our love, was the first step. It felt so good. 

“What the fuck Kate?” he screamed out in agony.

“You don’t get to speak, this is finally my time, you cheating bastard.” 

He wailed as he tried to reach for his hand to stop the blood, but the ropes stopped his every movement. “Our daughter is barely six and this whole time, even before she was born, you’ve been cheating on me? With a college student nonetheless?” Dropping the pliers, I grabbed the hammer, “After everything I’ve done for you? And this is what I get? Well guess what, it’s over, not just us but you, your life, your savings. You will never get to see your daughter again.” I raised the hammer high above my head and struck down right in the middle of his face. Drenched in blood, with a hammer resting stuck in his face, I sighed. He was dead at last. 

Taking my gloves off, while washing my hands and face in the bathroom, I smiled to myself. His will was surely enough for me to get my own house. Washing off in the bathroom, I could hear footsteps, little creeping footsteps. I got my phone out and called the police. I was nervous because of what I had done, but it felt so good at the moment. I finished washing up and walked around, looking at the dead body of my so-called husband. I walked out the door to get the girl, but when I got there she was already gone, not a trace, and I don’t know where she could’ve gone. 

I begin to walk halfway down the halfway,  and I spot the girl sitting on the steps. I was still enraged, but I did not want to kill her, that would mess up the plan. Of course she had no idea what this plan was or how involved she would be. I tell her to go to the room, it should be about time the police show up. She walks to the room, slowly. I begin to run down the stairs, screaming. “My husband, my husband, he’s dead, someone help!”, as I say that the police rush in the door. They run up to his room and see the girl and him, just those two in the room. I thought to myself, “am I really going to get away with this?”

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