10 Tips for Serial Killers by Leasah Hutchinson

Many serial killers are seen as smart, clever, and deadly, but they all have the exact same flaw in their plans. They get caught for small mistakes that could have been easily avoided. Wanna know how not to make these mistakes? Yes? Well then keep reading because I have made a list of my top 10 tips to not get caught. I’ve even included some bonus tips at the end. Enjoy! 

  1. Don’t kill people close to your house. Killing close to your home can cause you to create a comfort zone for yourself. This will make it easier for the police to find your general location. 
  2. Don’t kill people you know. This will make it easier for detectives to link you to your victims. Once you kill multiple people you know, the detectives will be able to identify you as a common link between the murders. 
  3. Make sure the bodies are not identifiable. You can do this by burning the fingers, and toes of your victims. Also, make sure you remove your victims teeth, because the police won’t be able to identify your victims through their dental records. Try to make the bodies as unrecognizable as you can. 
  4. Don’t bring your cell phone to the kill. It is best to leave your cell phone (and any other devices that can be tracked easily) at home. 
  5. Don’t bring your victims back to your house. Have a place where you can take the bodies and make sure it is not close to your house. This will come in handy if your house is searched because there won’t be any signs of a killing or excessive cleaning. 
  6. Don’t wear identifiable clothing. Make sure your clothing is not made of rare fibers. Try buying your clothes and gloves from a common brand that most people own. This will make it less likely for police to track you through your clothing. 
  7. Make sure to kill in different ways. If you kill in many different ways, this will make it harder to link your killings. 
  8. Don’t keep trophies. Keeping trophies is a sure way to get caught. Restrain yourself from taking anything from your victim. 
  9. Use a knife and not a gun. Guns can be traced easily, so it would be safer to use a common knife or another common object that is sharp enough. 
  10. Dismember the bodies. Dismembering the bodies and disposing of them in different areas will make identifying the bodies harder for police. 

Bonus Cleaning Tips: 

  1.  When cleaning the vehicle you transport your victims in, make sure to clean the whole car and not just the spot where the body was located. 
  2.  After scrubbing the vehicle down with bleach and other chemicals. Make sure to go throughout the car with a dark light and look for spots of blood the light might pick up. 
  3.  It’s best just to burn the clothes you wore during the killing. Do not try to clean or wash them. This will ensure they will never be found and no blood will be spread

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