Juliet’s Letters by: Madison Harvey

Verona, Italy, home to Juliet Capulet. A fictional character, yes, but to millions of women looking for an answer regarding every aspect of their life, she is as real as you and me. Letters are still sent to her this day, but it isn’t her who answers, but her secretaries

Dear Juliet,

My heart is broken. Shattered even. He said he loved me, but he wed her yesterday. I would have died for him, like you did for your Romeo. What should I do? I have nowhere to go. My family abandoned me for loving someone like him. A nefarious man that I didn’t truly know. They said I was too young, but you were young too. How can I find someone to love me like he loved you? I want him back. It’s taking my entire being not to run after him. To not tell the whole world of what he did. I lay there, in the middle of the night, wrapped up in my blanket and pretend it is his arms. I tell myself that this is the last time, but it continues to dawn. What should I do? How do I cope with this feeling? Because I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest. 

Please answer quickly, 

Anna DeBravle

Dear Anna,

The heart is a fickle thing. A great mystery that I haven’t even solved. If he truly loved you, like you loved him, he wouldn’t have married her. My Romeo only held me in his heart and him in mine. Find a place away from him. Find a place to call your own and make that your home. Reconnect with your family, for I’m sure they miss you as much as you miss them. Everyone finds the right person at some point, but for you, it could be later in life. That feeling of loss will last forever, but one day, it will get easier, and you can go the night without missing him. You are so brave, braver than I ever was. Getting out of bed is coping. Doing things you love again is coping. Being alive is coping. You’re doing what you can, and that’s what matters. No one can tell you when to stop feeling like this, only you get to decide when enough is enough. I know your pain must be the center of your attention. But he doesn’t want to be with you, so why waste your time focusing your entire being on him. Live your life. Love your life and yourself. For you are the sole person to do so, and you don’t need a man to fill a gap of emptiness that lies in your chest. Find the joy in living, love yourself completely, and only then will your heart start to feel whole again.


Juliet’s Secretary

Dear Juliet,

Last night, James proposed! He took me to Lavonna’s Restaurant, ordered expensive red wine and the most delicious meal on the menu. After we finished dinner, dessert was brought out. We didn’t even order dessert! A band came out too! A whole orchestra. A violin, harp, flute, trombone….and others I don’t know the name of. A beautiful song was strung out, and he went down on one knee and asked me to marry him! The ring is so beautiful!!! Tiny, silver band with ten diamonds lining it, sealed off with a vine woven in between each diamond. Engraved on the back: Emily and Ramond for eternity. God has blessed me with a true angel. I could never see a life without. This is such a special time in my life, and I wanted to share it with you. For you know that feeling of love better than anyone.


Emily Glenn

Dear Emily,

Thank you so much for sharing such grand news!! The proposal sounded absolutely beautiful. He definitely went all out. The music and food sounds so romantic, a great adventure indeed. I only wish that my Romeo and I were able to get married. Underneath the flowers, and light guided by the fireflies, but you got to, and it was like I was there with you. And that ring! I wish I could see that for myself. It sounds like the most beautiful piece of jewelry. I hope you and your beau live a wonderful life, filled with prosperous findings and health to your family. I would love to hear back from you about the wedding!


Juliet’s Secretary

Dear Juliet,

I’m at a bit of a standstill. My college choices are not what I expected. What I applied for was mostly just a joke, but I got in! I got into Harvard University, an Ivy league school. I can’t even fathom how, but I did. But, my boyfriend got into Penn State, and he wants me to go with him. I was accepted there too, but Harvard is my dream school. I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to lose him, but I don’t want to miss the chance of going to Harvard. We have been together since junior year. We have gone through so much, and I don’t want to lose that friendship over something so small. I guess I just need a little insight from an insider’s point of view. What do you think I should do?


Marliene Darling

Dear Marliene,

That is a very hard choice to make. Choosing between the person you love and the school you love. I can’t give you an answer that will solve your problems. If he truly loves you, he will understand, and be ok with the choice you make. But we both know that deep down you know the answer. Maybe you don’t have to choose. Maybe you can have both. Don’t put your education at risk for someone you love. You’ll have that piece with you forever, throughout your career. But if you choose him, say if you break up, and you’re left at a school you never really wanted to end up at, I hate to say it, but love isn’t always everything. Don’t be afraid to make the choice your heart truly wants. It will be ok at the end of the day. Whatever you decide will set the rest of your future. It is a really hard choice to make, but you can do it.


Juliet’s Secretary

Juliet’s secretaries have written to women all over the world. Underneath the balcony, in between the bricks, hundreds of letters like these stay. Waiting to be read. Waiting to be written back. Either placed there, sent to her, or written through email, each one is answered and fulfilled. Maybe you will have your questions answered too.

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