Untitled by Liberty Bonjour

One day in a land far away a girl named Princess Blair. She was 20 years old and still lived in the castle with her parents who were king and queen of Loreadell. She wants to be a knight, but her parents won’t allow it. Princess Blair has 3 brothers who were all killed during the war of 1876. 

 Eventually the big get together will start. There will be a competition between all the knights tonight at 6:00 pm. Princess Blair plans to sneak off and win the competition.  

The clock tower bell rings, Princess Blair gets her knight armor on and heads out the door. She sees her parents. She swiftly walks past them, and they give her an evil look. She doesn’t think they know. She heads to the start of the competition and sets up on her horse. She hears a man’s voice and proceeds to finish getting ready as he talks. 

“The start of the race begins in 5 minutes. We will start with a horse race. It will then go to a sword fight, climbing the tower, then to finish off, you have to shake the king’s hand.”  

The race begins. Princess Blair is first to get to the finish line. She gets off her horse and waits for the next knight to get off to sword fight. She sees the next knight and begins to struggle to get him to the ground. She eventually gets him and runs to the tower. She grabs ahold of the rope and begins to climb the 45 foot tower. She gets halfway up and slips. She holds onto the rope for dear life. She successfully gets her grip back and sees the rest of the knights follow her. She gets to the top and rappelling down. Blair is the first to the king. He shakes his hand firmly. Out of the blue, the knights stop and hear a man’s voice. The king stands up and says there is one more event to compete. It is archery. Little did all the knights know that princess Blair Shoots her bow as a hobby. She grabs a bow and lets all the knights go first. She has to shoot down 8 targets. She got all the targets but one. She takes her shoes off and finishes the last one with her feet. All the knights were in shock. The king looks angrily at the princess and begins to yell. 

“Princess Blair, get up here right now.” 

She takes her helmet off and looks at her father with fear in her eye. He looks surprised and angry. Her mother begins to say 

“You are in a lot of trouble, Missy, but if you want to be a knight, you have earned our trust.” 


“yes, but you have to pass all of the tests first.” 

“Oh my God I’m so happy” 

All of the village begins to cheer. The princess goes back to the castle with her parents and begins training tomorrow morning at 5:00. She falls asleep in bed. 

The next morning the princess wakes up early as can be. She is ecstatic because she starts training. She walks down to the dining room and sits down to eat. She grabs a sausage, three pancakes, an apple, and a piece of toast. She eats it all, and by the time she’s done, it’s time to get her armor on and start training. She goes through six weeks of training and eventually passes. She gets a holler from knight down the road. He says there is a battle that will happen tonight at dusk. She runs to her parents and tells them she will be fighting with the advanced group and will win this battle for her brother. Her parents cry in sorrow. They say she must be careful, but they will accept the fact that she wants to do it. She and all two-hundred fifty-six knights get prepared; it takes them an hour to get fully ready. The knights head out to their stations. Princess Blair gets stationed in the trees with her bow and arrows. She suddenly hears horses run by. She looks and gives the signal.  


The knights hear the signal and begin to attack a few seconds later. She hears more horses and shoots the five men who went by. She killed them. The leader of the knights tells her to jump down and grab her sword. She does as she was commanded.  The knights battle till 6:00 in the morning. Finally, they finish the battle with only 200 knights left. They all head back to the village and have a meeting with the king. The princess steps up to her father and explains that they lost 56 men in the battle; he cries in shock. The leader of the knights looks in sorrow at the king. He says to the king. 

“I am sorry for the loss of those 56 knights, I will find more knights to guard the tower” 

The king shoos them away. All the knights counsel leave  for the princess. She told her parents. 

“I can’t be a knight anymore” 

“why?” she asks. 

“I’m pregnant” she says 

“By who?” 

“The leader of the knights” 

“You shall never see him again” the mother said 

“Daughter, why would you do such a thing?” the king says 

“Why shan’t I” 

“You are only young,” they both say 

“Tomorrow morning the leader shall be decapitated” 

“No!” Blair yells 

“He shall be dead by morning. For you young lady, you will be kept in the cellar and never come out till you are 40”. She gets taken to the cellar and was never seen again.

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