Starting New by Selena Garcia

I hear my dreadful alarm go off, it’s five in the morning.  I have to get up and get ready for school. Before I get ready for school, I’m going to eat, take the dog out, and get the mail. I ate Lucky Charms and grabbed a granola bar for later. I grab the dog’s leash and head out to the mailbox.

I opened the mailbox, and there was a package; I wasn’t expecting anything. I grabbed the package and brought it to my room.  It said my name on it, like someone wrote it in crayon.  I opened the package, and it was a box of sparklers. I was confused. There was a note inside the box,  the note read “ here inside this box there are six sparklers, each sparkler grants you a wish, there are no rules, wish what you would like.”  Of course I didn’t believe it. I put the box aside and got ready for school.

I went to school, hated it. I didn’t tell any of my friends about the sparklers. I thought they would think I was insane. I walked up to my room, and I noticed the box of sparklers was misplaced. I searched all around and could not find them. I learched yet again, under my bed, and there they were.  I opened the box and looked at them. They are labeled one through six. I got the first one in my hand, debating if I should light it.

A couple minutes went by, and I thought to myself “what could go wrong”. If I light these, and they grant wishes, why not ? I finally came to  a decision. I will light the first one, see how it goes, then continue. I grabbed the lighter from my vanity and lit the first sparkler. My very first wish is to receive $1,000.  I wait a few minutes before checking my bank account app. I finally looked, and I have received $1,000.  I thought to myself “this is crazy,  how could it be true?”

A few hours go by. I’m feeling really lucky, and all of a sudden, my parents storm in the door. They start yelling at me, asking if I stole money from them. Obviously, I’m confused. They start going through my bank and call the bank and ask what happened to their money. They never told me the amount they lost, but I was nervous because I just wished for money. Later on that day my mom told me that they lost $3,000. It just disappeared, and it said that they spent it, but they never did. So I was in the clear.

That night, I fell asleep, wondering if that was caused by me. I woke up the next day, and I forgot all about it. My mom said they never got the money back, and they probably won’t. It was Saturday, so I didn’t have to go to school; I didn’t even feel like hanging out with my friends.  Later on throughout the day, I continuously thought that them losing money was my fault, but I wasn’t sure. And if it was my fault, there’s no way I can make it up or give the money back now. I thought it was weird they never questioned the $1,000 I had in my bank account. 

 I walked back upstairs to my room, and I saw the sparkler sitting on my vanity next to the lighter. I open the box and grab the sparkler labeled number two. I’m holding in my hand thinking of a wish, something that I want, something that I need. I finally figured it out. I lit the number two sparkler and I wish that my dog came back to life. Later that day my “dead” dog ran through the little doggy door we had, but something was different. My parents haven’t come back from dinner, there was an accident and they died.

With everything going on, I’m just going to make a wish, and it is going to be my last wish.  I continuously said I was sorry, and that I caused all this, and nobody believed me. I grabbed the sparkler labeled number three. I got the lighter from my vanity and started to light it. I wish that everything will go back to normal and act like nothing ever happened.  Then all of a sudden everything goes dark. I open my eyes and there’s a bright light, and I see two people standing above me. I’m in the hospital. I look around confused.  I go to say something and nothing comes out. Then I hear ” congratulations it’s a baby girl, 5 lb 7 oz.”

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