The magic record player: by Liberty Bonjour

There once was a boy named David Grant, He was 16 and just got his license. He was in his car on his way to a small town in Indiana to visit his grandparents. On his way there, he stopped at an old antique shop to buy a gift and a snack. He walks in and sees a record player out of the corner of his eye. He walks up and grabs it he asks the cashier

“ How much is it?” The cashiers said

 “ it’s free”

He proceeds to grab it and take it to his car. He goes back in to grab 3 records, a snack, and a drink. He found the weirdest records they had and bought them. He proceeded to leave for his grandparent’s house. Ten minutes after he gets in his car, he arrives at their house. He steps out of the car and walks to the front door, His grandparents were stoked to see him. He goes out to the car after talking to them for a while. He grabs the gifts and brings them to the attic where he is staying. He plugs in the record player and tries it out. He suddenly feels a wisp of air on his neck. He turns around and a ghost appears from the ground. He screams, and his voice goes out. The ghost says,“Shh be a quiet boy”

He asks “why are you here and what do you want from me?”

“I’m here to grant your wish”

The boy goes silent. He starts to think about what is going on and wonders if there is a twist. He yells “What’s the big deal, what’s going to happen to me if I make a wish?”

The ghost says, “it will come with great misfortune”

“What do you mean?” the boy asks

“Make a wish and find out”

Hmmm the boy thinks “ok, I wish that I had a billion dollars and was famous”

“Your wish has been granted”

The boy faints and he awakens in a jail cell. He gasps 

“Why am I in jail? What is happening? I shouldn’t be here! That ghost must have been right; it comes with great misfortune”.

The ghost appears, “Hi, kid… How are you doing?”

“Terrible, why am I here?”

“I told you it comes with great misfortune. You must escape, erasing the wish with another wish”

“Escape, I’m in a prison. How can I do that?”

“Figure it out”

 He disappears. The boy begins to think. He spots that his window is open, but it’s at least twenty feet off the ground, and he is afraid of heights. He must figure out a way to overcome his fear and jump. 

He proceeds to look out the window and think of how to get down. He thinks about it and takes his bedsheets off and all his clothes and ties them up takes all the material that is in the room. He ties a knot on the window sill. He takes a breath and grabs the rope and proceeds to repel down. 

He escapes the jail and runs towards the road. He gets picked up by 3 girls, and they ask where he’s going. He proceeds to say he’s going to the park in the middle of Grantley, Indiana. The girls look at him and are surprised because that’s only where the richest people live. They keep on going on the road until they hit Indiana. He spots his grandparent’s house in Grantley and runs inside. He suddenly gets a bad feeling; he realizes that on the way there, he spotted the records and the player in a small pawnshop.  He runs back to the car and yells at the girls, and they jump out of the car. He takes off with the car. He drives straight to the pawnshop and grabs the record player, and runs out of the store. He takes the car back to his grandparent’s house and sets it up in the living room. He grabs a record and turns it on. Suddenly the ghost appears out of thin air. The boy makes another wish.

“I wish everything was normal again”

“As you wish my precious child”

Suddenly everything went blank. The ghost took him back to when he was 8. Everything was normal. The boy gasps for air. He begins to think about how to speed up time. He remembers the movie Back to the Future. He walks himself to the library and looks around at all the books. He begins to realize that his high school teacher said his son was finishing a time machine in school. He runs to the high school and looks for his teacher. He sees him and runs to him asking for his son. 

“My son?!”

“Yes your son, Abram”

“Excuse me son, but my kid has recently passed.”

“I’m sorry to hear that”

The boy runs off back to the library and begins his research. He realizes it’s 10 at night and is getting tired, but he keeps going. Eventually, he falls asleep in the library.

2 weeks later:

“The last piece is finally here. I can’t wait to put it on,  this will be great.”

The boy took 2 weeks to make a time-traveling machine he hopes works. He puts on the last piece  and jumps in the portal. 2 minutes later he arrives back to the current state in time. He is ready. He grabs his record player and puts on the last record. He gasps after feeling a wisp of air. The ghost arrives

“Hi, son, ready for your last record, no more wishes. You get to answer a question truthfully and whatever you say will come true”

“Ok let’s hear it”

“Your question is would you rather die or would you rather let 400 innocent people be murdered after being tortured?”

“Me? I will take death as much as I want to live”

“Whatever you say”

Then he vanished into thin air and was gone….

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