Valentines Day by Cassie Bowers

My name is Chloe and today is Valentine’s Day, the day I dread the most. It’s the day everyone is happy with their significant other while I’m depressed at home eating chocolate. I don’t even want to go to school because of all the love that will be everywhere. As I got there, it was exactly as I thought, teddy bears, chocolate, and roses everywhere. Seeing all of this made me want to throw up,  Valentine’s day shouldn’t even exist.

After school I go to the store. I go buy some chocolate and head home to watch a movie. This year I bought more than one box of chocolates. I ended up buying three boxes. Little did I know, something was wrong with one of these boxes. Later that night, I was sitting in bed after eating two boxes, and I was all sad, because ever since 2017, I haven’t been able to enjoy Valentine’s day. 

Let me tell you why I hate Valentine’s day. I hate it because 4 years ago, it was early morning, and I was waiting for my boyfriend at the coffee house, then we spent the day together. I remember that day like it was yesterday and getting that call, the call that broke me forever. Hearing that my boyfriend got into a car accident and didn’t survive was the worst news ever. So that is why valentine’s day is the worst day ever.

As I am sitting there thinking about that, I realized I am on my last box of chocolate. I sit there thinking how I wish he was still here so I could be with him. The next morning I’m walking to school, and there he is, walking my way. I rub my eyes thinking I’m seeing things or hallucinating. I started running to him, once I got right in front of him he didn’t say anything. He looked at me like I was a stranger, like we didn’t spend years together. I wished last night that he was back, and he is, but with no memory of me.  As I’m standing there he goes, “Do I know you?” I stood there for a few minutes before I answered. I looked and said, “No, I thought you were someone else.” 

I couldn’t believe it. There he is, and we are just strangers again. My heart was completely shattered. I didn’t even go to school, I went back home and laid in bed. I was laying there thinking about how I wished this and it happened. So I ran to the box of chocolates, and I ate another one then I wished for him to remember me. The next morning I went to the coffee shop, and there he was. He walked over to me and gave me the dirtiest look ever. He hated me, but I wasn’t sure why. With the way he acted now, I didn’t know what to do.Either have him not remember me or remember me and hate my guts. I thought about this all night. I had no idea what to do. 

As I am laying in bed, I thought about making another wish. This time my wish was to  make it to where he would remember me and not hate me. I walked over to the box of chocolate, and I ate another piece and wished that everything was back to normal. He remembered me and didn’t hate me. I couldn’t sleep at all, waiting till morning to see if it worked. I walk to school, and I see him walking my way. He stopped dead in his tracks just like I did. He stood there for at least five minutes before he started running at me. I couldn’t believe it, it finally worked. He was back, and he remembered me and didn’t hate me. I got him back the exact way I wanted. I knew from that point on I was going to cherish every single moment.  I never hated Valentine’s day after that. 

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