Dragons by Calie Brown

The loud ocean waves smashed against the rocks below, dark clouds and freezing rain covered the sky as wings flapped toward a cliff. Three dragons drop onto the cliff, the rain smashing against them, and they struggle to get up and under the trees. Grumbling as they pull themselves out of the rain and shake the rain off their scales, they walk deep into the forest, the sound of rain paddles against the thick leaves. 

“Do you know if this is even the right place?” The biggest of the three say, the frown prominent on Its face 

“Yes, stop being such a downer. Your sister’s egg is going to hatch tonight. I thought you would have been in a better mood.” The smallest of the three snaps, turning Its head up to glare at the taller dragon.

“Cyclo, Pearl, please for the life of me stop fighting. Yes this is the right island. Big-wings told me there’d be a storm tonight which is perfect for the hatching.” The middle dragon groaned as they walked ahead of the other two. Their ruby red scales still slick from the rain as their horns rip and pull at vines that hang lower, clearing the path for the other two who are still bickering at each other.

“How far are the hatching grounds Ruby, this is taking forever.” The short, dark blue dragon whines, mud caked onto her talons and forearms.

“Not that far Cyclo, now be quiet! Both you and Pearl have given me a headache that could kill.” Ruby flicks her tail back and marches forward, the whole reason they came out here was for Pearl’s sister, Queen Arame of the seawings. She was never able to lay eggs due to a birth defect, but somehow she managed to push one out. It was a total surprise, and no one but Arame knew who the father was.

“OK, it’s just up ahead. Big-wings will meet with us outside of the cave.” Ruby glances back at the others, just to dodge a ball of mud thrown at her.

“CYCLO!” Ruby yells and turns to face her, teeth beared with smoke coming out of her nose.

“What? Stop acting all high and mighty, Ruby. It’s just some mud. Pearl and I are caked in it, and you don’t hear us complaining.” Cyclo huffs and turns to look at Pearl.

“Skywings, always so sensitive.” Pearl grins as she gives off some light from her face and neck, the classic cyan light flashes bright against the forest.

“Don’t start with me you two. I just want this to be a nice hatching, unlike yours Cyclo.” Ruby walks away, smoke trailing after her and fading away in the trees above. Pearl and Cyclo look at Ruby with bewilderment, looking back at each other in silent agreement to yell at her. Later they follow along. Birds in the trees singing their songs and flying around, one making the mistake to fly in front of Cyclo. She snaps at it, catching it in her powerful jaw, the distressed chirp it let out was the last sound it made as Cyclo chewed it.

“Don’t eat the birds here Cyclo, they might have diseases.” Pearl scowls, looking down at her with disgust in her eyes.

“Don’t tell me what to eat. I didn’t eat anything before coming with you, and it was a mistake.” Cyclo sneered up at Perl as she swallowed the bird as blood dripped down her chin.

“How are we even related? You’re a slob.”  Pearl steps away from her as Cuclo reaches up and wipes the blood away, mud getting on her face from her talon. 

“Shut up both of you. I can see Big-wings.” Ruby says as she picks up her pace, wanting to get away from the two bickering sisters. Big-wings looks up at Ruby and smiles while saluting her, when she gets in front of him, she salutes back. After saluting one another, they talk until Cyclo and Pearl catch up to go into the cave.

“How have you been? It’s been forever since I’ve seen you.” Ruby looks at him, scars litter all over his body and scales from the countless wars that he has taken place in. 

“I’ve been fine, Arame has kept me busy most days now, but I’m glad that she’s finally having a dragonet and will stop crying when she sees one.” He looks at the ground then jumps, when a talon is placed on his shoulder.

“Ruby come on we’re going in now, stop making goo-goo eyes at Big-wings.” Pearl says with an annoyed tone. Ruby glares at Pearl, looks at Big-wings with an apologetic look, then walks into the cave with Pearl and Cyclo. The inside of the cave is covered in glowing moss, the gentle light of it making it peaceful along with the sound of softly running water. Queen Arame was laying in the middle of the cave cradling her egg. 

“Hi girls, come in. It’s getting ready to hatch. I can feel them moving inside the egg right now.” She beems up at them. The three of them walk in and sit in front of her, the egg shaking as a small talon pops out. The blue and orange scales clash against each other 

“Arame, why is it blue and orange!” Pearl stands up while yelling at Arame.

“Because It’s half skywing.” Arame whispered as the dragonet broke out of Its shell, chirping for Its mother.

“You are a disgrace of a seawing queen sister, I hope you know you’ve just placed a bounty on your head.” Pearl says as she stomps out of the cave and starts walking back to the cliff side. Arame sits there for a second to let her sister’s words sink in and starts crying.

Cyclo follows after her after hissing at Arame, Ruby stays with Arame as she cries her eyes out at the betrayal of her sisters.

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