Injected Love by Justice Beers

“Jolene, my love, I have missed you.” Finn Acker bellowed once his girlfriend marched through the archway of his living room. His bulky arms took the opportunity to embrace the smaller girl, holding her tight to his chest as a way to represent the deep affection he holds for her. He has suffered immensely, one week without her felt like a million life times.

Jolene sharply inhaled at the abrasive hug he put her in, slowly wrapping her slim arms around the athlete’s neck. He defeated her when it came to size, her crumbling body sometimes was unable to take the aggressive love he gave her, but she always tried. “I missed you.” She breathed out slowly, the reminisce of the cigarette she smoked on the stroll here had made itself known through her words. 

Jolene had the appearance of a doll. She was viewed as a porcelain girl of perfection, an angelic outcast. Yet those who truly knew her had seen the darkness within her light. Derived from a drug-enslaved mother and an absent father, she had become a victim to addiction. It started minor, but since her preteen years, it has spiraled to severe abuse on any substance her hands could grasp. Her lover, Finn, was the only source of joy she had. Without him, she was night, yet with him she was dusk. He was the closest thing to her home. 

“Are you okay?” Finn muttered down, noticing the dominating stench of her breath. She had always smoked, yet the scent was rarely this prevalent. All he received as a response was a nod as she pulled herself apart from him. His hand then reached out to take a hold of hers, escorting her upstairs to his bedroom where they would leisure in peace. All he was able to comprehend was how much he adored this girl and how fearful he was that death would part them too early. Finn wanted Jolene forever, but knowing of her spiraling health, he was not sure whether that was possible. 

Once the duo had arrived upstairs, Jolene collapsed onto the mattress. She had managed to get a secure hold on his arm, giggling as she pulled him down beside her. Finn often allowed her to do this, he could see the joy in her eyes once she felt stronger than him. It was one of the millions of things he admired about Jolene. Her ambition for strength was out of the ordinary, especially for being a seventeen year old addict.

“I love you.” The girl muttered as she rummaged through the pocket of the jacket she had stolen from her mother. It did not take her long to snatch herself one of the two needles she had saved for herself once she had gotten settled back into her hometown of Wheeling. 

Jolene was in desperate need of something to take the edge off, she always was. The needle danced between her fingertips. It was a tendency of hers to do this prior to using. Finn’s disapproving look haunted her. It never failed to send shivers down her spine. She could never look him in the eyes once she impaled herself with the needle. It shattered her soul.

The stinging of the needle was something she adapted to, and so was the feeling of serenity that followed. She had developed a tolerance to heroin, needing more and more of it to satisfy her internal cravings. Yet, Jolene was wise. She did not want to meet the grave just yet, so she did not use as much as her heart wanted her to. Silence took over her for a few minutes before she managed to gain the strength to face Finn once again.

“I want to be yours for eternity, you know? I want to be with you, forever and ever.” Jolene muttered with a grin as her hand took in his. Them holding hands was like fire and ice. The only warmth the girl’s body got was from Finn’s assistance. His hand gave her warmth, just as he gave warmth to her cold life.

“I won’t have you for eternity if you keep using the way you do.” Finn reminded her.. The tragedy is, she did not care. Jolene knew she was slowly withering away, yet she allowed it. She had her sliver of happiness, Finn, and she was satisfied that she would be able to be with him until the day her body turned grey. 

No words were exchanged as Jolene looked down to her lap, her hand returning to her pocket. It appeared as she was fiddling, though that was before she pulled out a needle identical to the one she had shoved into her arm a few minutes ago. “You could have me for eternity you know. You could be like me. You and I would be the classic Romeo and Juliet story, but less vanilla.”

The boy’s lips narrowed into a little line. His girlfriend had yet to prompt him to engage in what will be her destruction. He never thought she would. He did not know how he would react if she did. Finn’s hand then left hers in order to meet with the needle, him holding it and twiddling it as she did. Thoughts clouded his brain. He knew it would be his death sentence, but he was willing to go on a downhill roller coaster with Jolene. He loved her. she was the only one for him. Finn would be unable to live without her if she lost her battle.

“I’ll be your Romeo.” He whispered. He had promised himself he would never do this, even for her. Yet, Jolene was all he yearned for in this lifetime, and he could not lose her. He returned the needle to his lover, his arm rotating in order to allow her to pierce his skin. His arms were not like hers. They were muscular and well worked up from his years dedicated to his health; and he was about to destroy it all. For her.
Jolene had not anticipated this reaction, so her eyes had widened once she saw the movement of his arm. She stayed quiet before lining the needle up to his arm. She sealed her eyes shut as she pushed the needle into his skin, injecting the drug into the boy’s arm. It pained her, but she wanted him to do it. Jolene could not do this alone any longer, and now she would have her lover beside her throughout the hardships of addiction. She had corrupted him, and he wanted to be corrupted.

“I would do anything for you. I love you Jolene.” Finn muttered to her as he felt the drug begin to hit him, his body becoming weak as he shut his eyes.

“I love you too, Finn Acker.” 

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